Review Carpet Racers….A Crash Course

Review Carpet Racers....A Crash Course Reviews
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Review Carpet Racers….A Crash Course


There are few DVDs on the market dedicated to RC. Most of them focus on off-road racing, but recently I’ve found a very interesting DVD dedicated to carpet racing. I can hear you telling me that carpet racing is kind of boring, but you are wrong, totally wrong. “Carpet Racers…..A Crash Course” is a documentary film  that goes beyond normal carpet races. It goes where no one went before. In fact,  the “Carpet Racers” movie goes behind the “normal” race scene by following some of the best and some lesser known carpet racers for a full year.

The film, which is now available on DVD is not only packed with race action but also with unique and very interesting interviews with racers, announcers and different people involved in RC. It was particularly interesting to watch racers out of the track working on their cars in their hotel rooms until late at night and to have the privilege to follow them at the restaurants, bars and casinos. They do have a normal life!

Review Carpet Racers....A Crash Course Reviews

This documentary is well done and gave me the chance to meet Barry Baker and Paul Lemieux. Those two guys are not just some of the best carpet racers, they are absolutely awesome and seem to be the kind of guys we can have fun with. During the movie, we can see some young guns like Atsushi Hara and Keven Hébert competing against other top racers. Interesting interviews with Gil Losi Sr and Joel Johnson are also a nice addition to the movie.

The DVD starts with some local racers and race tracks located in different locations in the United States where we can see all the passion of the amateur racers. The documentary covers  a full year of carpet racing. It covers the Snowbirds 2007, and the ICC race in Vegas and ends with the Snowbirds 2008.  These are some of the most prestigious races for carpet racers.

Review Carpet Racers....A Crash Course Reviews

No matter if you are an off-road racer like I am, “Carpet Racers…A Crash Course” is an excellent documentary that will help you discover the world of carpet racing. This is the kind of documentary that will influence you to get into carpet racing. After watching the DVD, I’ve found myself very much interested in carpet racing…. something that I’ve never been,  before watching this movie. That shows you how well made this film is!


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