Review GT Power A606-D Charger - UPDATED !!! Reviews

Review GT Power A606-D Charger – UPDATED !!!

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GT Power A606-D Charger Review.


The GT Power A606-D comes with a variety of charging leads with different connectors like Deans, BEC, JST, glow starter and alligator clips. If you already have your leads, no problem, the charger accepts banana style connectors. A USB cable and software is also included to monitor your battery packs while you charge them. It quickly shows the current voltage, peak and many detailed information that we usually have to search through the charger’s display. You can also, set up the charger through the software. However, I didn’t try this function, I’m an “old school” and I prefer push buttons to navigate in the charger’s menus to find what I’m looking for. The menus are easy to understand and to navigate through them. Few clicks here and then and the charger was correctly configured. The LCD display is back lighted and clear, so reading the display will not be a problem even outside on sunny days.

Review GT Power A606-D Charger - UPDATED !!! Reviews

Review GT Power A606-D Charger - UPDATED !!! Reviews

The charger is made of a robust metal case. To keep the charger cool, there are two heatsinks at the top and bottom and a silent cooling fan is integrated to the charger. Four big buttons are used to program and configure the charger. On the charger’s left side, there are the AC (100v-240v) and DC (11v-18v) power inputs, a USB and temperature sensor connectors. On the right side you can find the power output banana connectors and five different JST-XH connectors to balance your LiPo/LiFe/LiLo packs. The GT Power A606-D is not just a charger, it is also a discharger and a cycler to revive any kind of battery packs.

Review GT Power A606-D Charger - UPDATED !!! Reviews

Review GT Power A606-D Charger - UPDATED !!! Reviews



  • LiPo/LiFe/LiLo: 1 to 6 cells
  • NiMh/NiCd: 1 to 15 cells
  • Lead acid Pb: 2 to 20 volt
  • Charge Rate: 0.1 to 6 amp.
  • Discharge Rate: 0.1 to 1 Amp
  • Balance rate: 0.3Amp per cell
  • Digital Display: Shows amps, voltage, time, capacity, individual voltage of cells in balance mode.
  • Programmable: Variable parameters can be set for types of cells.
  • Charge modes: LiPo Fast charge, balance charge, or Storage mode.
  • Discharge: Balance discharge will monitor voltage of each cell .
  • Weight: 580gm plus leads.
  • Size: 135 x 149 x 40mm
  • Strong alloy case with internal fan



NiMh charging:

The first test I did with the charger was to charge two types of NiMh packs. One 6v (1500 mAh) receiver pack and a 7.2v (4200mAh) NiMh pack. Only few clicks were required to configure the charger according to my packs specifications. I first charged the receiver pack at 1.0A rate. The receiver pack wasn’t been used for many weeks and it was very low. About an hour later, the charger beeped and my receiver pack was fully charged and slightly warm. The next pack was a 7.2v pack. Once again, few clicks to set up the charging amperage at 4.2A and after having holding the start button few seconds, the charger began to charge my pack. As expected, the charger beeped 50 minutes later with a pack completely charged.


Gel cell charging:

If you run nitro, there are good chances that you are using a gel cell for your starter box. To test the GT Power A606-D, I’ve connected the alligator clips to my 12v gel battery. I knew my starter box’s cell was low because I haven’t used it since a long time. After I had set up the charger for 12v Pb cells and set the amp rate to 5A, the charger ran for more than 75 minutes before it beeps and my 12v gel cell was fully charged and ready to power up my starter box.


LiPo charging:

LiPo packs are the type of packs where the GT Power A606-D really shines. To test the charger, I’ve charged one of my favorite 2S (5000 mAh) LiPo packs. I know how this battery pack reacts to charging, so I was able to compare how the GT Power A606-D works versus the charger I usually use for my charging needs. After I had connected my LiPo pack to the output leads and balancer, I set the charger for a 2S LiPo battery and hold the Start button for few seconds the charger beeped and started to detect what configuration of LiPo battery was connected and then asked me to validate the settings. This is a very nice feature to prevent overcharging LiPo batteries. To validate, simply click on the Start button. Like for all others types of batteries, the charger displays the time, the charging amp, the voltage and the capacity. For LiPo batteries, press one of the yellow button and the charger will display the voltage for each cells. The charger has fully and safely charged and balanced my LiPo pack and of course, the pack was not hot and each cells showed precisely 4.20v at the end of the charging process.

Review GT Power A606-D Charger - UPDATED !!! Reviews



With today’s high performance battery packs, you need a high performance charger that can handle any batteries of any types and capacities. The GT Power A606-D is one of the best chargers in this category. It can charge, discharge and cycle any type of batteries. It is robust, easy to operate, fan cooled and it has a clear back-lighted display. It can easily compete and win against any other similar and more expensive chargers on the market.

The GT Power A606-D charger and all others GT Power chargers are fully warranty one year.



Here is a small update about the charger…

I use this charger since many months now. I only have good words about the GT Power A606-D Charger. I have charged any kind of battery packs with it. From NiCD to LiPo, the charger always did it right with no false peak. It always operated extremely well. It is easy to operate and extremely accurate.

No matter what RC products I review, there is always a big or small negative point but in the case of the GT Power A606-D Charger, I only have good words for it. It is the perfect charger. I’m amazed and it is my number one charger no matter what pack I charge.




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33 thoughts on “Review GT Power A606-D Charger – UPDATED !!!

  1. Hello,
    I’m french and i look for the FRENCH manual of charger “GT Power A606-D”
    if you have this manual, can you send me it ? (file PDF or other file)
    Do you know who product this charger, because i don’t see it on the box of charger (?)
    Thank you very much
    Gilles (Paris – France)

  2. Good charger compared to some known branded chargers with the same specifications and functions with almost double (triple) the price. Most known branded charger just have a different casing, otherwise pay close attention to the charger’s similarity in the display, buttons and operations. You can use the A606-D indoors and outdoors with options between AC or DC power supply. Li-Poly charging is very easy as well as with NiMh battery packs. I even use the A606-D to match my NiMh sub-C cells (takes a lot of time and patience though) using the figures displayed during charging and discharging (charge and discharge capacity). There’s a newer version in the market – checkout the GTP-A6-10 Balance Charger/Discharger.

  3. hi. just purchased this charger a week ago. after several charges the charger works fine. but now i noticed that the charger is not detecting that the batteries are fully charged. before it used to detect that my batts are fully charged after charging for about 1.5hrs at .6A charging 1000NIMH 8 pcs batteries. Now it even tooked me 5-6hrs more and still does not detect that my batteries are fully charged. what seems to be the problem? can anyone help me with this? thanks in advance!

  4. I have had this charger for exactly one year, just long enough for the warraty to be expired. Today I was charging my sons 4200 NIMH which seemed to be charging ok. When we came back to check the charger had shut down an would not turn back on. After checking into the problem I narrowed it down to the internal 120 power supply. I have used this charger maybe ten times with Lipos and NIMH batteries and before this happend though it was great. Don,t think I,II buy another.

  5. I have a problem when charging my lipo 3S cell on the G.T. Power 606-d charger. When battery check was done it alarmed low voltage and the battery could not be charged. Is this normal?


  6. I have bought a used G.T. Power A606-D, but the seller has lost both the user manual and software CD.
    So, what i need to know is: how to use the G.T. Power A606-D with different battery types, how to charge and discharge and how to winterpreserve different battery types!

  7. I must be one of the unluckiest guy around. Buy this charger and upon 2nd usage, it pop my house breaker and smell plastic from the charger! Shit!

    Went to hobby shop for a replacement and went back to charge happily for more than 2 months until last week……it become faulty and unable to charge! Went back to hobby shop again and was told I should not be charging at 5amp(my setting), I should be using max 3amp only.

    Ok went back feeling unhappy what the hell is this 6amp charger unable to charge 5amp???
    Lastly guess what? Now the charger is in my trash! Just an hour ago, my 1 week old Lipo 2s 5000mah was over charge to 4.14, 4.25 !!! I trust my fluke meter.

  8. Wow that’s a bad news 🙁

    I charge at 5amp and no problem. I recently heard bad comments about this charger. Many persons have problems. So far, mine is still doing well even when charging at 5amp.

    I’ll buy a new charger soon, LRP should be my choice this time.

  9. I have a 606d charger and would just like to confirm the settings for my 8.4v 1000mAh 7 cell NiMH battery and for my 3s 11.1v 3200mAh LiPo. I am new to the RC scene and have 2 planes with the above batteries. Your help would be greatly appreciated as the instruction manual is a bit unclear for a newbie. Thanks in advance.

  10. I always charge my packs @ 1C. This mean 1A for the 1000mAh and 3.2A for the 3200mAh pack. Make sure you connect the balance plug into the right connector in the charger and you set it to 3S

  11. Hi Guys
    I have been using my charger for about 3 months periodically with no problems,however,today I pugged the power cable into my 2pin plug and there was a bad connection which caused the unit to power on,off and on and then dead while I was fiddling with the plug trying to get a good connection.Does the unit have a fuse or a fail safe mechanism? There was no smoke or “burning smell” coming from the unit.Thanks in advance

  12. It depends of the charging rate.

    If you charge at 2.2A it will take 1 hour
    If you charge at 1.1A it will take 2 hours

    I suggest to never charge your pack at more than 2.2 amp (1C)

  13. Hi, thanks for your reply. I would also like to ask, when the cells are balanced at 4.20V each, do I stop the charge cycle, or does the charger give some kind of a bleep to say when battery is fully charged. I bought this charger after reading good reviews, but the manual does not say anything regarding this.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. You must set your charger in LiPo mode. Your charger should beep and stop when the appropriate charge is reached (number of cells x 4.2v)

      The closer it gets to the limit, the lower is the charging rate. This might explain why it continues to charge even if the cells are at 4.2v.

      If your charger is set for LiPo 4.2v, watch it carefully when it reaches 4.2v

  14. Does anyone know how to get the charger to charge for longer then 2 hours ??? Im trying to charge up AA 2450mah batteries which recomend charging at 0.25amps for 15 hours but the charger turns its self off at 120 min. Was wondering if it is possible to change the cut off time so I can correctly charge smaller capacity batteries???

      1. I’m simply trying to follow the manufacturers guidelines on charging the batteries for best performance. I have tried charging them at a higher ampage but the batteries got very hot ie to hot to touch which I don’t really want to be doing again

  15. One of the wires on my plug has broken away. The wires are 3 coloured. There is a white, blue, and a purple colour. Can anyone tell me how to wire these back onto a 3 prong plug? Thanks.

  16. Does a great job charging my Life Batteries. However, how do you get into the screen for charging lithium batteries. Program Select goes from Life to NIMH to Nicd to PB . Can’t get to the LiPo Charge Screen and the manual is confusing.

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