Driven Pro Gear Cover for RC18T/MT/B/R Review Reviews

Driven Pro Gear Cover for RC18T/MT/B/R Review

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Driven Pro Gear Cover for RC18T/MT/B/R Review


If you ever ran your RC18T/MT/B/R in dirt you may have experienced a blown spur gear because dirt got stock between the spur gear and the pinion. The bad days are gone because Driven Pro offers a nice gear cover that protects the gears from debris.


Installing the gear cover is really easy and only took me about 30 minutes. I should have completed the installation faster but I goofed when I installed the gear cover and the spur gear was rubbing against the cover. I didn’t realize that the tab on the right side of the cover where the motor mount connect should go outside the chassis… My fault !

 Driven Pro Gear Cover for RC18T/MT/B/R Review Reviews

The part is perfectly machined and looks cool. This is a piece of art. It fits perfectly, no need of screw, it clips on the chassis. The cover is transparent so you can see the gears trough it and this is useful for quick inspection. A small “guillotine” closes the gap between the driveshaft and the upper plate to protects even more the gears. Even with the cover installed, access to the gears or motor will not take more time. This is really well made !


To test the DrivenPro’s gear cover I went to my track where the surface is loose and unprepared. With 2 fully charged packs I was more than ready to see if dirt will enter in the gear cover. After the first pack, my 3 years old son wanted to drive the truck. I let him drive the second pack, you can be sure the truck went into the worst section of the track where the surface is more “sandy”.
Even if I (I mean we) did few laps with no body on the truck, nothing entered the gear cover and the gears still spinning like new. It definitively fix the dirt in the spur gear problem.

Driven Pro Gear Cover for RC18T/MT/B/R Review Reviews

ConclusionDriven Pro Gear Cover for RC18T/MT/B/R Review Reviews

Once again DrivenPro surprised me with their great quality parts. The most important thing is all DrivenPro’s parts I have tested so far where useful and not just bling bling parts. They fix the few misses that the RC18 truck series have.

If you don’t want to worry about your spur gear, DrivenPro’s gear cover is definitively the way to go.

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    Well, this is not totally true. I bought one of these covers, and I everytime I ran on dirt, I need to disassemble the cover on the bottom of the car to remove little pebles from the gears. Should I need to glue this piece to the chasis to sealet further?


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