Dynamite Passport LiPo/Life AC/DC Battery Charger Review

Dynamite Passport LiPo/Life AC/DC Battery Charger Review Reviews
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Dynamite Passport LiPo/Life AC/DC Battery Charger Review


Today, LiPo batteries are extremely popular and I can’t imagine our hobby without the power, the runtime and the lightweight of the LiPo technology. To charge LiPo batteries, you need a charger capable of charging LiPo or LiFe batteries. A lot of chargers are on the market with different price tags and ease of use. Dynamite offers chargers since many years. In fact, I can’t remember when then began to offer chargers. One of their newest chargers is the Dynamite Passport LiPo/LiFe AC/DC charger. I have tested the charger with few of my LiPo packs. I was curious to see what this “budget” charger can do. Keep on reading to know my finds.


The charger:

First, the charger is made of aluminum and is small enough to fit in almost any toolbox. The Dynamite Passport LiPo/Life AC/DC Battery Charger comes with an adapter with a Deans connector and another adapter with a BEC-style connector for transmitters and receivers LiPo or LiFe packs. All those adapters connect to the charger to the banana type input connectors. A removable 12v power cord is also included to connect the charger to any 12v power source, like full scale car battery or to any 12v power supply. Clear instructions are also included in the box.

Dynamite Passport LiPo/Life AC/DC Battery Charger Review Reviews

A balancer is integrated to the charger. Five JST-XH balance connectors located in the front of the charger to connect the balance lead of your LiPo packs. Six green LEDS labelled from C1 to C6 indicate which cell is currently balanced while charging. You can select between five charge rates. 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, and 5A, the selected charge rate is clearly indentified by a red LED. Another LED is used to identify which battery type (LiPo or LiFe) is selected. Green for LiFe and red for LiPo. Next are the output terminals that accept banana type connectors.

Dynamite Passport LiPo/Life AC/DC Battery Charger Review Reviews

Dynamite Passport LiPo/Life AC/DC Battery Charger Review Reviews

The charge rate and the battery type selection are made by pressing few times on the red button. Hold the button few seconds and the charging process starts. The charger is extremely easy to operate. It even keeps in memory your last setup so you don’t have to reconfigure the charger every time you use it.


Let’s charge!

As soon as you’ll power up the charger, you’ll notice the internal cooling fan. The fan is noisy but I’m 100% sure the charger will never overheat. The internal cooling fan produces enough airflow to keep the charger cool under any circumstances. To the Dynamite Passport LiPo/Life AC/DC Battery Charger, I use three of my favourite LiPo packs so I can compare the results with my others more expensive chargers. I first started with a 2S 5000mAh LiPo pack that I currently use for my 1/10 2wd buggy. I connected the pack and the balancing connector to the charger, hit the red button few times to set up the charger and I was ready to charge my pack.

I’m always excited when it is time to test a charger for the first time. Right after I started the charging process, the C1 and the C2 LEDs started blinking indicating the balancing status.

Few minutes later, the charger beeped to tell me that my pack was fully charged. The beeps are loud and this is a nice feature when you charge your packs outside or at the race track where the noise level is high. A reminder beep sounds every minute to remind you that your pack is charged and ready to use. I repeated this process for my three test packs.

To make sure my packs were well balanced, I have connected the packs to my high end charger and all the cells were perfectly balanced and all cells were at 4.2v. Good job done!



  • Integrated 1-6S Li-Po balancer
  • 1 to 5-amp selectable charge rates
  • AC/DC input provides flexible charging capabilities
  • Charges 2–6S Li-Po/Li-Fe batteries
  • Included adapters feature charge outputs for Deans Ultra plug and banana to receiver and BEC-style adapters (Deans plug features banana output terminals)
  • Banana plug inputs provide flexibility when choosing appropriate connector type
  • Balance sockets molded into the side of the charger
  • Memorize the last setting of balance charge automatically
  • LED and beeper charge status indicators
  • Reverse and short circuit portection
  • JST-XH balance connector type works with many of today’s popular Li-Po batteries (THP and Losi balance adapters available separately)


What we like:

  • Ease of use
  • AC/DC
  • Affordable


What can be improved:

  • Noisy cooling fan



The Dynamite Passport LiPo/Life AC/DC battery charger is a solid performer. It does its job perfectly every time I have tested it. The internal cooling fan is loudly but at least you are sure the charger will never overheat. The charger is robust with its aluminum case and it is extremely easy to operate. If you want to easily and safely charge your LiPo or LiFe packs without breaking your budget, the Dynamite Passport LiPo/LiFe AC/DC charger worth the 65$ asked for.

For more information, visit www.horizonhobby.com



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