Team Losi Micro-T Review Reviews

Team Losi Micro-T Review

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Team Losi Micro-T Review

Few years ago Team Losi surprised everyone with a mini electric stadium truck, the Mini-T. Since this day, all companies offer mini cars or trucks, electric or nitro. Team Losi did it again few weeks ago with the Micro-T, a 1/36 electric stadium truck. Maybe it’s too soon to determine what impact or influence the Micro-T will have on the RC industry but something is sure, it’s a nice little truck to drive.

Team Losi Micro-T Review Reviews
Here’s the Micro-T compared to a 0.25$ CND !

I got the Micro-T from my girlfriend as a Christmas gift. For those who ask me if companies send me free stuff to review, the answer is NO… I have to buy them with my own money. I still “No name” for all major companies. I was surprised because my girlfriend doesn’t like anything related to RC. How does she know I wanted a Micro-T ? I simply showed it her in the Great Hobbies’ flyer and she decided to make me a surprise.

Right out of the box, the truck is fully ready to run. All AA’s batteries (8 for the transmitter and 8 for the charger) are included. All you have to do is to wait 15 to 20 minutes for the battery pack to charge. I remember when I saw a mini for the first time, I was surprised by the size of a 1/18 truck, I found it so small. I was more than surprised when I saw the Micro-T for the first. It’s smaller than my 3 years old son’s Lightning McQueen….Ka-Chow !!!

Team Losi Micro-T Review Reviews
Under the hood !
Team Losi Micro-T Review Reviews
The on/off switch is located under the chassis

SteeringTeam Losi Micro-T Review Reviews

All steering components seen to be derived from a larger truck except for the turnbuckles that are flat and flexible to absorb impacts. The steering servo is quick and strong enough for any situation or running condition. To protect the servo, a servo saver is included. The servo saver is a perfect match for the Micro-T, just tight enough for handling and cornering and just smooth enough to protect the steering components.

Team Losi Micro-T Review Reviews
A sub-micro servo steers the Micro-T

I tried the Micro-T on several surfaces including laminated floor, carpet and concrete, the tiny truck has great on and off power steering. Of course if you nail the throttle you’ll lose front traction.

Drive trainTeam Losi Micro-T Review Reviews

Like the steering. the Micro-T’s drive train is identical to what we can found on any 1/10 stadium truck. A 3-gear tranny with a adjustable slipper clutch and a gear diff. To transfer all the power to the tires, dogbones are used.

Team Losi Micro-T Review Reviews

Out of the box, the diff was very tight, I had to broke-in it by holding a rear wheel while applying mid throttle for about 15 seconds. I repeated this procedure for both rear wheels 4-5 times. The was feeling smoother after and I noticed a little more runtime. I didn’t need to adjust the slipper, the Micro-T was accelerating without spinning too much on any surface I drove it. After 15 packs, the diff was completely broken-ln and was spinning freely, just like I wish. The spur and pinion gears are protected by a plastic cover held by 3 screws. Unfortunately, we must completely remove it to adjust the slipper. No sign of premature wear even after several packs. If you ever need to replace parts, they are all available from Team Losi. To keep the price low, bushings are used for the wheels axles.

SuspensionTeam Losi Micro-T Review Reviews

Independent suspension with friction shocks are used on all 4 corners. Damping is a bit on the soft side but is adequate for a so small truck. Shock towers has only one mounting point so you won’t be able to adjust shock’s angles. Suspension travel offers good handling on the rough surfaces, like my TV’s remote !!! Once again the suspension is similar to what you’ll find on any other stadium truck on the market. A-arms are used with fixed upper links. So you can’t adjust camber. After few more packs, I noticed that the suspension loosened up, it looks like the friction shocks broken-in.

Team Losi Micro-T Review Reviews

ElectronicsTeam Losi Micro-T Review Reviews

The included transmitter has basic features like trim for steering and throttle adjustment and also steering dual rate. The steering knob is very comfortable.

Team Losi Micro-T Review Reviews

The stock motor has plenty of torque and rpm to pop wheelies and to quickly reach top speed which is certainly around 10-12 mph. The steering servo is perfectly matched to the Micro-T. The receiver and the ESC are both incorporated into a single unit. I’d liked to see them separated so I can you my M11 to control the Micro-T but this is 1/36 and every millimeter counts. The only complaint I have is the charger. The included charger seems to have difficulties to detect peaks. Even with new alkaline batteries, the charger turned off after only 5 minutes of charge and the was definitively not peaked. To resolve this situation I charge the battery pack with my own charger at very low rate and the pack is fully charged in 12 minutes. Average runtime is in the 12 minutes too. I’d also like to see micro battery connector instead of those micro connectors, just for the ease of connecting the pack to my charger.

Team Losi Micro-T Review Reviews

Team Losi Micro-T Review Reviews

 Team Losi Micro-T Review Reviews

Tires / Wheels / BodyTeam Losi Micro-T Review Reviews

The Micro-T comes equipped with blade type front tires and mini pins rear tires. They offer great traction on almost all surface and with the yellow dish wheels, they give to the Micro-T a race look.

Team Losi Micro-T Review Reviews

The body looks nice and fits perfectly to the truck, no extra trimming is required. A rear spoiler is also included, however after few crashes the spoiler didn’t resist and I had to remove it. Micro screws should have been used to attach the rear spoiler instead of tape.

Team Losi Micro-T Review Reviews


  • Type: 2WD Stadium Truck RTR
  • Scale: 1/36
  • Length: 4.5 in (114mm)
  • Width: 3.5 in (89mm)
  • Wheelbase: 3 in (76mm)
  • Weight: 3.4 oz (96g)
  • Chassis: Composite tub
  • Suspension: Independent
  • Drive Train: 3-gear transmission w/gear diff and slipper
  • Tire Type: rubber multi-pin rear/ribbed front
  • Motor or Engine: Micro Electric
  • Speed Control: Electronic, Fully Proportional Forward/Reverse
  • Radio: 27MHZ AM Pistol
  • Servo: Sub-micro
  • Batteries: 4.8v, 150MAH NiMH (included)
  • Charger: Peak (included)
  • Wheel Size: 0.75 in (19mm) diameter
  • Kit/RTR: RTR
  • Shock Type: Coil-Over Friction Dampers
  • Body: Factory-decorated Stadium Truck
  • Ball Bearings: BB-Equipped Transmission

What I liked

  • Affordable RTR kit for everyone
  • Fast and controllable
  • Adjustable slipper clutch
  • Built like a 1/10 scale electric stadium truck
  • Nice steering servo
  • Comfortable transmitter
  • Durable

What could be improved

  • Rear spoiler doesn’t stay glued to the body
  • C-clips instead of wheel nuts
  • No oil filled shocks or wheel bearings (but this is to keep the price tag low)
  • Mini battery connectors instead of micro connectors
  • ESC and receiver are not separated
  • I had to peak the battery pack several times to have good runtime


Just before I began to write this review, I asked myself if I should review the Micro-T with my racer or basher eyes. Finally, after many hours of fun with it, I knew that Micro-T is way more than a toy, it has all the potential to be raced. As soon as few companies will release aftermarket parts, you’ll see more micro tracks and micro fans everywhere. I’m sure the Micro-T will have a similar impact on the RC industry as did the Mini-T. In the next months, different companies will release micro cars and trucks to take part of this new market.

Of course I’ll install oil filled shocks, bearings, hotter motor and better turnbuckles as soon as a company offers them but for now I have a lot of fun driving this micro truck all around the house and for a 80$ price tag, I can’t ask anything more from the Micro-T.

Another thing I learn from the Micro-T…. This truck is so small that I need a better digital camera with better macro function !!!

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