Novarossi N21B-2001BF Review Reviews

Novarossi N21B-2001BF Review

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Novarossi N21B-2001BF Review


The Novarossi N21B-2001BF is my second Novarossi engine. I bought it for my Team Associated RC8 buggy. I was looking for the best .21 engine without breaking the 200$ barrier. Few others engines were on my list but I picked the Italian mill for one single reason, I really like my Novarossi NS12TSR1 in my RC10GT2 (Read review) and I was convinced about quality and performance of the Novarossi engines. This engine has 3 transfer ports, uses standard glow plugs and it is topped with a nice looking nine fins black head to keep engine cool. A Roto-Start version is also available. With a claimed 2 hp and 32800 rpm, I was curious to see how the Novarossi mill will move my RC8.

Novarossi N21B-2001BF Review Reviews  Here’s the volunteer, my brand new RC8 buggy right after the break-in


  • Displacement: 3.48
  • Maximum power: 2.00 hp
  • R.P.M. (M.P.): 28,000 rpm
  • Practical Range: 6,000 – 32,800 rpm
  • Bore: 16.42 mm
  • Stroke: 16.42 mm
  • Ports: 3
  • Piston type: Die-cast
  • Crankshaft: 13mm
  • Crankshaft Type: SG
  • Glow Plug Type: Standard
  • Exhaust Type: Rear
  • Carburetor: 8mm
  • Type: Slide
  • Material: Aluminium alloy


The Novarossi N21B-2001BF fits directly into any buggy or truggy where a .21 or .28 engine is used. No air filter is supplied so you’ll need to buy one. I installed the Factory clutch and tuned pipe (EFRA-2035) and bolted then engine to the buggy. After few trim adjustments, I was ready for the break-in. On the web, you can find many break-in methods. In my case, I use the same break-in method with all my engines since many years. I heat-cycle the engine for 5-6 tanks and then I begin too lean the engine. Read my break-in method. Even with a very tight pinch, the engine started immediately. Like with all engines, the wait for the engine to be broken in is long… Having a new engine is always exciting and we all want to see how our new engine performs. During all the break-in, the engine never stalled and it was easy to maintain temperature in the 195-205F range. Factory settings were a bit in the rich side according to my local weather. I had to lean the high speed needle half a turn and a quarter of a turn for the low speed needle. After 6 tanks, I decided it was time to get serious.

I installed the body on my RC8 and I began to lean the engine for the track. I did few fast laps to “simulate” race conditions to warm up the engine. My track is small but I have a nice double right after a tight 180 degree turn. This is the best section of the track where I can judge the torque of my engines. The Novarossi N21B-2001BF has more than enough torque to push my buggy over the double. This engine has a “square” configuration, it means the bore and the stroke are the same (16.42mm) and this is why the engine has good amount of torque for a .21 engine. Another section of the track is good to evaluate the mid range of engines. Once again the N21B-2001BF performed well with no on/off effect on the throttle. The engine responded quickly to my throttle inputs and never failed into a neutral zone. As expected, the top speed is excellent, not ridiculous fast but fast enough for most of us or to be raced at any local tracks. The more important aspect concerning the top speed is how the engine delivers all his power. The power curve is smooth and linear making my buggy easier to drive.

Novarossi N21B-2001BF Review Reviews  The Novarossi N21B-2001BF offers good amount of power to race any buggy on any track.


With a street price of 180-200$US, the N21B-2001BF is an excellent engine. Its best characteristic is to perform well all over its power curve. From the standstill starts to the high speed passes, this engine will delivers his power smoothly with no on/off effect. It just can make you a better driver! After 15 tanks, the pinch and compression are the same as when new.

If you are looking for a high quality engine for your RTR or for club level racing, this is the engine to buy. This engine will not only surprise you but will also surprise your opponents.

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  1. This an “old” engine, not sure parts are still available. If you have the part number, did you try They seem to have many parts in stock


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