Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine Review

Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine Review Reviews
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Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine Review

Few months ago, Novarossi USA announced on their website ( the release of new big blocks engines, the Plus series. Those .28 engines are offered in a 3, 5 or 7 ports configuration. All engines use turbo plug, SG shaft, 2-needles plastic carb and are non-pullstart. If you want to drop this engine is a monster truck, a 3 ports version is also available with a roto start adapter.

Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine Review Reviews

Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine Review Reviews

Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine Review Reviews  A total of six carb inserts are included to fine tune engine’s performances.


 Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine Review Reviews


For the test, I installed the Novarossi Plus 28-7 in my truggy coupled to a Team Associated Factory tuned pipe and I used Trinity Monster Horsepower 30% fuel. The engine fits directly where a .21 or .28 goes. The break-in was easy, the needles valves were set rich from the factory and the engine fired as soon as fuel entered the carb. After 2 tanks, I began to slowly lean the engine. At the end of the seventh tank, the engine was running in the 220-230F range with a light blue smoke coming out of the tuned pipe. The engine is really easy to tune, if you take your time and “listen” to your engine, tuning will be really easy.

Now that the breaking in is done, I was curious to see how the Novarossi Plus 28-7 will perform on a track. I ran many .28 7 ports engines in the past and I thought the Plus 28-7 will have the same on/off feeling that we found on big block engines with many transfer ports. I was wrong! The power is very manageable and linear. It was really easy to control the power all around the track. A simple blip on the throttle was enough to clear small and mid-size jumps. At mid-throttle the engine was still performing very well. I did few laps at mid-throttle just to see if the engine will flood or get too lean, nothing went wrong. Each times, I nailed the throttle, the engine immediately revved up to reach its top speed making all four wheels spin.

I like engines with smooth and manageable mid-throttle response and this is exactly what the Novarossi Plus 28-7 engine is. Low-end torque is also smooth, a lot of power is present, without being brutal, to clear jumps or to exit corners first. The top speed is excellent too. It just takes few second to the engine to reach its top RPMs.

This engine can push any truggy high in the 40s MPH with ease. I had to slightly retune the engine after few tanks since all internal components are now broken-in. However, the engine holds its settings well all day long.

Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine Review Reviews  The Novarossi Plus 28-7

Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine Review Reviews  Made in Italy !

What I liked

  • High quality
  • Quick response at any level of the power curve
  • All inserts are included

What could be improved

  • Can’t find a thing


I like how the engine performs everywhere in its RPMs range. The accelerations are strong and linear, the mid-throttle response is exactly how I like it and the top speed is more than I need, I like the torque and the top RPMs. To resume… I like this engine. If you tune correctly this engine, you can expect it to easily last more than 10 gallons.

Put all those characteristics together, plus the legendary quality of Novarossi and you’ll understand why this engine is now my race engine.

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Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine Review Reviews

Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine Review Reviews

Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine Review Reviews



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