Pro-Line Bow-Tie MTR Review

Pro-Line Bow-Tie MTR Review Reviews
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Pro-Line Bow-Tie MTR Review


Everybody knows Pro-Line’s products. They offer the best tires and bodies for every racers and bashers. I use Pro-Line’s tires for so many years now that I can’t imagine myself racing something else. The Bow-Tie tires are very popular on race tracks and they are available for almost all RC classes, monster trucks, truggies, 1/8 buggies, 2wd electric buggies, 2wd electric trucks, nitro trucks and for minis.

Recently Pro-Line released a new Bow-Tie tires for monster trucks and truggies, the Bow-Tie MTR. What’s the differences ?? The MTR has ribbed carcass to prevent tire ballooning and now comes with a molded foam insert for extra rigidity.

 Pro-Line Bow-Tie MTR Review Reviews

Installation and testing

For installation I used Pro-Line 1/2″ offset Velocity wheels. I clean the wheels and tire beads to make sure everything stays well together. No other special need are required to perfectly glue the tires to the wheels. Everything fits perfectly at it should. I like the 1/2″ offset wheels because they give to my truggy more stability on rough surface and the 1″ extra width let me push my truggy a little bit faster in corners.

The best suited place to test those racing tires is a race track. I headed to Qubec city (3.5 hours driving from my house….) for a race. The track surface is a mix of sand and clay. In the morning the track surface was packed but at the end of the day, the track condition was a kind of rough and out of the driving line was really loose and sandy. I missed the previous qualifying day so I only did one qualify. The Bow-Tie did really well. I was surprised by the forward traction. No ballooning effect at all and after the qualify, they were still exactly like new and they didn’t get out of shape. The firmer molded foam inserts did their job perfectly.

I was confident for the A-main even if the track condition were not perfect for a race. During the 30 minutes race, the Bow-Ties were perfect. They gave to my ST-1 plenty of forward traction and excellent steering respond with their molded inserts. Even was I got out of the driving line in the loose sand, the Bow-Tie were able to provide enough traction to get back in the line and the don’t seem to be affected by the loose dirt. They still in perfect condition after the A-main and you can be sure they will still on my truggy for the next race.

Pro-Line Bow-Tie MTR Review Reviews


Once again, Pro-Line’s Bow-Tie tires are top choice for any racers or bashers. They are perfect for most surface and their thread last long time. They are light and the molded inserts make them great race tires with excellent forward traction. No matter you race or bash, if you are looking for good tires, you should put the Pro-Line’s Bow-Tie on the top of your shopping list.
By the time I wrote this review, Pro-Line released premounted Bow-Tie MTR on Velocity wheel.

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