Pro-Line Crime Fighter MT Review Reviews

Pro-Line Crime Fighter MT Review

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Pro-Line Crime Fighter MT Review


As far as I can remember, I always been racing or bashing with Pro-Line tires. This last summer was no exception. I continue to use the Pro-Line tires and wheels for my Monster GT. I ended my choice on the Pro-Line Crime fighter MT tires, I replaced the stock foam insert with Pro-Line Extra stiff insert and installed the tires on Pro-Line Offset white Velocity 14mm hex wheels. I drilled extra venting holes in the wheels for better traction.

Pro-Line Crime Fighter MT Review Reviews

Installation and testing

Just like with any other Pro-Line tires, installing the Pro-Line Crime Fighter MT is easy. There is no rubber residue on the tire’s beads making installation even easier. Just be sure that the foam are not out of shape when you install them inside the tire.

The first time I tried the Pro-Line Crime Fighter MT was at my own race track where the surface is loose with few hard packed sections. The on and off speed steering were the first improvements I noticed. I was able to get higher cornering speed with limited oversteer or understeer. The second major change was the forward bite, I was able to get more acceleration and punch on any section of my track. This improvement was appreciated and helped me to clear few jumps that are right after tight 180 degree corners.

The real tests happened at my club track when I raced my Monster GT on a well prepared track. The track surface was relatively hard packed with a bit a loose dirt out of the race line. The tires were perfect for the track condition and they performed as whished. Cornering was tight and predictable. I feel my monster truck more planted on the ground and I was able to drive it more aggressively.

The extra firm inserts helped to keep the tires “inflated” and the extra holes I drilled in the wheels helped the tires to absorb small ruts and rocks without getting out of shape and gave me more traction.

Pro-Line Crime Fighter MT Review Reviews
Even after many races, the thread still in perfect condition


  • Narrow carcass
  • Super-soft M2 compound
  • Outside diameter: 5.7″
  • Inside diameter: 3.2″
  • Width: 3.1″
  • Weight: 134g (Tire only)


With a complete set of Crime Fighter MT installed on my truck and another set of Bowties in my toolbox, I’m ready for 95% of any track condition. If you bash, Pro-Line offers a huge selection of all terrain tires. For my next race season, even if I’ll not race in the monster truck class, I’ll still race with Crime Fighter MT on my ST-1, in fact they are already installed and are just waiting for track action.

The Crime Fighter did their job on my Monster GT and I’m sure that they will do the job on your monster trucks or truggies. They are pure race tires and are used by thousands of racers all around the world. You can’t go wrong with Pro-Line tires and wheels.

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