Pro-Line Lexan Car Stand Review

Pro-Line Lexan Car Stand Review Reviews
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Pro-Line Lexan Car Stand Review


Pro-Line is a well known leader in the RC industry for their lexan bodies and tires. Recently, Pro-Line added a new lexan product to their catalog and this is not a body or a wing. It’s a car stand made of thick lexan that can support any RC vehicle out there. At first, I thought this product was not for me and I didn’t see why I should buy a lexan car stand. I ordered one to review on my web site and here’s my impressions.

 Pro-Line Lexan Car Stand Review Reviews


The first time I took the Pro-Line car stand in my hands, I noticed how light and robust the stand is. The stand is made of 0.060″ thick lexan. Painting the stand is easy (even if I really hate to paint RC body), just need to wash the inside of the stand and spray your favorite paint. A clear plastic protects the stand from over spray. I picked a rattle can and painted the stand with a bright orange.

 Pro-Line Lexan Car Stand Review Reviews

Once painted, remove the over spray film and cut the base of the stand and you are ready to apply your favorite stickers. Pro-Line includes some nice anti-slip bands to secure your car on the stand and to protect the chassis from scratches. Another anti-slip band must be installed under the stand to to make sure your stand will be stable on your work table.

The stand works perfectly with my 1/8 buggy and my 1/10 RC10GT2 and it’s certainly strong enough to hold larger vehicles.

 Pro-Line Lexan Car Stand Review Reviews


The Pro-Line car stand is well done, light, affordable and very useful. At first I tought it will be another RC gadget but I quickly realized that I should have buy one before. The stand is now in my pit box, ready for my next season.

This car stand will not make your vehicle go faster and make you drive better. It will just make your maintenance a lot easier and this is what we all need. The Pro-Line car stand is a must !

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