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Review – Pro-Line LPR Tires and Wheels

Review - Pro-Line LPR Tires and Wheels Reviews

The tires are the first step of a good racing setup. Picking up the right tires for the race track is the key for victory. In fact, choosing the right tires is the most important setup you can do and Pro-Line knows it. Pro-Line recently added new tires to their catalog, the LPR (Low Profile Race) tires. Three models are now offered, the Bow-Tie, the Crime Fighter and the Holeshot. New LPR Velocity wheels are also offered.

Review - Pro-Line LPR Tires and Wheels Reviews

The tires

The LPR series of tires have the same outside diameter as the MT or MTR series of tires but the inner diameter is larger, the LPR tires have an inside diameter of 3.7″ and this means lower sidewall and less sidewall flex. The LPR have internal ribs to prevent ballooning effect under hard acceleration. An oversized, hard, molded foam insert is also included and will prevent the tire to deform and will offer greater response under any condition.

Another great feature is their weight, Pro-Line claims that they only weight 120g, this make the LPR the lightest tires on the market. If you ever wonder why I pay close attention to tires weight, it’s very simple. A lighter tire needs less power to rotate and makes the car accelerate faster. New dish LPR wheels are also offered to fit the new LPR tires. They are available in 0″ off-set and 1/2″ off-set and in white or yellow.

Review - Pro-Line LPR Tires and Wheels Reviews   Internal ribs prevent tire ballooning

Review - Pro-Line LPR Tires and Wheels Reviews   High density molded foam insert are included

Review - Pro-Line LPR Tires and Wheels Reviews   Bow-Tie is a well known racing tread

ConclusionReview - Pro-Line LPR Tires and Wheels Reviews

Once again, Pro-Line sets the bar a little bit higher. I race and bash Pro-Line’s tires for many years now and I’m sure the LRP series of tires will be a success for Pro-Line and for racers. Their low profile and high-density molded foam will prevent tires from ballooning and will give consistent tire response.

If you are in the market for new race tires, run to your LHS and ask for the new Pro-Line, I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed.

For more information, visit www.pro-lineracing.com

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