Review – Racers Edge “The Squid”

Charging battery packs is a major part of our hobby. Electric guys have to charge high power battery packs while nitro guys must charge glow starters, receiver packs and starter box cell. We all use different kind of battery connectors. One day or another, we all have lost one of those precious leads.


This is exactly where The Squid from Racers Edge comes in rescue. One charger lead with all the popular connectors installed. The Squid is made of high quality wires and have those connectors installed:

-BEC (2 pin)



-Deans Ultra Plug

-Glow plug starter


-And two extra wires for any uses like alligator clips.

Review - Racers Edge "The Squid" Reviews

Rubber boots protect the Traxxas, Deans and the glow starter connectors from short circuit. The main connectors, those that go in the charger, are gold plated. I use The Squid to charge all my battery packs for many weeks now. There is nothing much to say about the squid. It does what it should do…. It makes all my battery charging duties much easier. One charger lead for all my battery packs, no more messing with different charger leads.

I bought the Racers Edge Squid from RCBoyZ on the web.

Review - Racers Edge "The Squid" Reviews

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