Reedy Quad 19 Dyno Version Review Reviews

Reedy Quad 19 Dyno Version Review

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Reedy Quad 19 Dyno Version Review


For my 2006 race season, I decided to try a new class, 2wd buggy. I picked up a RC10B4 RTR. I must admit that I had just few experiences with electric buggies. After few runs with the stock 15 turn motor, I upgraded the motor. I opted for the Reedy Quad 19 motor. Why did I choose this motor ? Simply because Reedy have an excellent reputation and this motor is affordable.

Reedy Quad 19 Dyno Version Review Reviews

Installation and testing

Installing the Reedy Quad 19 is really easy, just solder the capacitors, solder the wires to the tabs and you are ready for action. I kept the same pinion and spur combo. It took only few minutes to swap the motors. I kept the stock motor as a spare motor.

As soon as I hit the trigger, I noticed how faster was my RC10B4. The new motor was perfect for my buggy driving skills. It offers good torque for quick acceleration out of the corners and enough rpm to have decent top speed.
My review didn’t stop here, I also raced my B4 with the Reedy Quad 19 motor at four races against some hotter 12T and brushless powered buggies. They had a speed advantage on me but a well driven 19 turn motor can compete against them for sure. I had only one issue when another buggy hit the rear of my B4 at full speed while I was stopped. A tab on the motor broke on the impact and I had to solder the wire directly on the brush connector.

As any brushed motors, I had to cut the comms and after 25 packs I still use the stock brushes. This make this motor an excellent choice for anybody like me looking for a low maintenance motor. I don’t know the torque curve but there was always enough power left to get me out of trouble against the other buggies.


  • 19 turn single wound
  • Tagged armature
  • Quad-mag FOURce field-latest C4 technology
  • Dual ball bearings
  • Polarity color-coded brush heatsinks
  • 1.4mm vented can
  • 9mm mid-size commutator Capacitors included
  • #766 Actron laydown type brushes
  • Motor dyno print out included


The Reedy Quad 19 is an excellent upgrade for any trucks or cars. It has enough torque and rpm to wake up any RTR’s. It’s affordable and requires minimum maintenance for a brushed motor. It also matches perfectly with my driving skills and makes my RC10B4 controllable and predictable.

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