Review – RPM A-Arms for Monster GT

What’s tougher than stock molded plastic and will not bent like aluminum ? If you answered RPM, you’re right !!! What’s interesting with RPM parts is that they are made of nylon that will bend and go back to their original shape after impact. Those parts are not just tough, they also add style to your ride. They are available in blue, black and dyeable white. At first look, you can noticed the bigger hinge pin areas for better resistance and the three shock mounting holes.

Review - RPM A-Arms for Monster GT Reviews

Installing the a-arms is really easy. They are direct fit, you can install then in a hour. When I installed the hinge pins and pivot balls I noticed that they were more difficult to screw than with the stock plastic, it’s sign that they will never come loose.

I tested then in different situations. Because the lower shocks mounting holes are not located exactly like the the stock a-arm, the suspension geometry is a bit altered. At the track my Monster GT was a bit lower than normal, it’s a good thing for racing, this lower the truck’s CG and make it more stable. This is when I bashed my Monster GT that I really tested the new a-arms. I hit a pole at 30-35 MPH, the truck stopped instantly. I ran to see what was broken but nothing was cracked or bent, just a scratch on the a-arm. I’m sure that if those a-arms were aluminum, they will have bent or broke.

Review - RPM A-Arms for Monster GT Reviews

Even after many crashes , the a-arms still in perfect condition.

I can attest that RPM products are tough, I used them for many years on my RC10GT and they will outlast any expensive aluminum parts.

If you need more strength, RPM offers hubs carriers with oversized bearing. Now, I just wonder why RPM doesn’t offer shock towers for the Monster GT….

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