Spektrum DX3R Pro Review Reviews

Spektrum DX3R Pro Review

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Spektrum DX3R Pro Review.


After spending the past 2 racing seasons with the Spektrum DX2 radio system, I decided to upgrade to a new radio.  After considering several different brands, I decided to remain with the Spektrum but upgraded to their new DX3R Pro.

The drop down wheel with left and right hand configuration as well as small and medium grip choices allow the radio to be held in the most comfortable position while on the driver’s stand.  The clearly visible backlight LCD screen allows us drivers to keep track of our speeds, laps and temperatures without having to leave the driver’s stand. The timer function also is a great feature for keeping driving strategies in control. Another benefit to purchasing the DX3R Pro is that with the use of a SD card (not included) software can be updated without sending radio to Spektrum.

I purchased my Spektrum DX3R Pro at my local hobby shop, Great Hobbies. Along with the receiver and two grip choices, included in the box were the SR3100 transmitter, receiver switch, left hand conversion kit, instructional manual and decals.

Although I’m very pleased with the DX3R Pro, there is one drawback which comes to mind.  Though the radio is equipped with telemetry it does not include a telemetry receiver, which would be an additional cost above that of the radio.

Overall I feel that the Spektrum DX3R Pro is a great radio for both beginners and the more advanced R/C enthusiasts, as it is compatible with Air, Surface and Marine receivers. With this competitive price it is the best bang for the buck, for a radio this advance you’re looking at a $500 value.


Key Features

  • 50-model memory
  • Selectable frame rate (5.5, 11 and 16ms)
  • Backlight LCD
  • Real-time Integrated Telemetry (rpm/speed, temp, lap)*
  • Drop down steering wheel and other improved ergonomics
  • Servo speed
  • Right- and left-hand compatible
  • Vibrating and tone alerts
  • DSM2 2.4GHz second-generation technology offers the fastest possible response rate
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control
  • One-touch, easy-to-use programming
  • Programmable Steering Rate override
  • On-the-fly throttle and steering exponential adjustments
  • All switches can be programmed to operate in either direction
  • Four programmable timers: Up, Down, Integrated and Rolling Lap
  • 128 x 64 high-resolution dot-matrix screen
  • Graphically supported Travel Adjust and Expo curves
  • Two programmable mixes
  • Adjustable trim steps
  • Digital servo monitor displays graphic and digital servo positions
  • Calibration screen allows recalibration of steering and throttle positions for the ultimate in accuracy


For more information, visit www.spektrumrc.com

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