Team Associated RC10GT2 RS Track Test Reviews

Team Associated RC10GT2 RS Track Test

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Team Associated RC10GT2 RS Track Test


It didn’t take long after I received my RC10GT2RS to hit the track for the track test. I took the pictures for the review (Read the review here), charged my hump pack and installed my Airtronics receiver, fine tuned the radio trims, cut the windshield and I was ready to hit my track.

 Team Associated RC10GT2 RS Track Test Reviews


Once again, I used my engine break in method (Read How to break in a nitro engine) to break in the Thunder Tiger .15 engine. As expected, no problem occurred during the break in and the engine was ready for race action after 6 tanks. The temps were always between 230F and 250F no matter how hard I drove the GT2. Plus, the engine started with just few pulls and idled perfectly. I didn’t remove the carb restrictor because I had enough power for the loose track condition.

I run the RC10GT2 for almost a gallon now, I never changed the glow plug and the engine still giving me a little bit more power at every tank. It should reach his full potential in the next gallon. Don’t
forget to oil the air filter before starting the engine…

Team Associated RC10GT2 RS Track Test Reviews  This Thunder Tiger .15 engine and this tuned pipe are the same as what found on the former RC10GT RTR.
But The new GT2 handles all the power a lot better.

Acceleration and braking

I was totally amazed by the way the new RC10GT2RS accelerates. The lower transmission ratio provides quick acceleration without compromising rear wheels traction. The new springs loaded clutch shoes make the GT2RS kicks out of the corners quickly. The clutch grabs instantly without any sign of slipping even after long runs. The RC10GT2RS accelerates straight forward every time I nailed the throttle. Don’t need to correct the trajectory with steering inputs.

Team Associated RC10GT2 RS Track Test Reviews


The dual pad slipper clutch does his job nicely and it’s really easy to fine tune the slipper clutch with precision.
The GT2 brakes flawlessly every time, the brakes are smooth and easy to adjust and they don’t fade even after 30 minutes of track time. They are mechanically simple and efficient.

 Team Associated RC10GT2 RS Track Test Reviews

Jumping / Bump handling / Suspension

The RC10GTRS jumps like a champ ! No matter how bad you take off the jump, the GT2RS will land on his tires. I noticed a little nose high attitude but nothing to worry about. Landing are also smooth and predictable, anyone can jump the GT2 and looks like a champ…

Where I was the most surprised with the GT2RS is in the bumps section. The blue aluminum shocks let the GT2RS soaks ruts without getting out of shape. In the larger bumps, the truck seems to be “magnetized” to the track. No matter what happened to the truck, if the rear wheels were in the air while the front wheels are on the ground, the GT2RS gets back on his four tires and was ready to accelerate.

I didn’t have to change any suspension setup. The GT2RS was perfect for me right out of the box.

 Team Associated RC10GT2 RS Track Test Reviews  The GT2 jumps like a champ !


Like all others Team Associated stadium trucks, the RC10GT2RS has plenty of on and off power steering. The stock steering metal gear servo is good for normal utilisation and the servo saver works perfectly. Almost all steering components are similar or derived from the RC10T4.

In any circumstance, I didn’t have any difficulties to point the front wheels where I want them to be on my race track or during few bashing sessions.

Team Associated RC10GT2 RS Track Test Reviews   The stock steering servo and servo saver work perfectly

What I liked

  • Jumps and handles like a champ
  • Accelerates hard
  • Perfect for anyone looking for a great nitro stadium truck on and off the track
  • Fully upgradeable with Factory Team parts

What could be improved

  • A front wheel nut popped off after impact.
  • I’d like to see metal nuts rather than plastic wheel nuts. And since you are at it… 4 more metal nuts for the upper shock mounting screws too.
  • Antenna tube doesn’t hold well


If I compare the former RC10GT RTR and the new RC10GT2RS, the GT2RS is better in every department. It simply jumps, handles, accelerates and performs better.
The new RC10GT2RS will find his home on any track and on any bashing terrain. You can drive it hard, it will ask for more. I did many cart wheeling, front nose and top landings and I didn’t brake a single part. No loosen screw and everything still holding tight.

I’ll recommend this truck to anyone looking for an affordable nitro stadium truck that performs as well on than off the track.

Team Associated RC10GT2 RS Track Test Reviews

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