Team Associated SC10 RTR Review

Team Associated SC10 RTR Review Reviews
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Team Associated SC10 RTR Review

The 1/10th 2wd short course trucks are extremely popular. At first, Team Associated released the SC10 as a kit, but since few months, the A-Team now offers the SC10 as a Ready-To-Run vehicle. Basically, both trucks are the same, except that AE built the RTR for you and added their electronics. The SC10 is offered in different paint schemes (Lucas Oil, Pro Comp, Team Associated, KMC Wheels and Bully Dog) all from the Lucas Oil Race series. The SC10 is based on the 6-time National Champion RC10T4 electric stadium truck. In fact, at least, 90% of the parts are interchangeable. After I have fully charged a Wolfpack 4200 pack, I was eager to see why people are so excited about short course trucks. Keep on reading, you’ll know more about the Team Associated SC10 short course truck.



On the bench: The SC10 comes with the well known XP2 AM radio system. This radio is included with many others vehicles from Team Associated since many years now. At first, the radio looks a little “plastic” but it offers features not found on others RTRs. Among those features, you’ll find steering endpoint adjustments, steering dual rate and throttle/steering trim. To power the SC10, a Reedy Radon 17T motor is installed. This motor is good for 30000 RPM and can be rebuilt when the brushes are worn out. The steering servo is not extremely fast but has metal gears and will resist to hard impacts. An SC200 ESC controls the power to the motor. This is a new ESC for Team Associated. It has a low-voltage cut off and is ready for LiPo batteries. The reverse can also be disabled for racing.

Team Associated SC10 RTR Review Reviews

On the track: As soon as the 17T Reedy Radon motor comes to life, the SC10 quickly accelerates making long roaster tails. This motor pushes the SC10 with authority in the mid 20s MPH in just few seconds. The power is progressive and adequate for a RTR truck. The cut-off function of the ESC works perfectly. Before the battery pack went down, the motor stopped and only the steering was functional. This is an extremely nice feature to prevent expensive LiPo batteries from dumping. I mentioned earlier about the speed of the steering servo however the handling is not much affected and to be honest, the servo fits well with my driving style and the driving style associated with short course trucks. The name of the game with those trucks is power sliding and countersteering and the steering servo helps me to perfect my cornering.

Team Associated SC10 RTR Review Reviews



On the bench: An 87T spur gear is attached to a dual pad slipper clutch to adjust wheel spin and also to protect the transmission. Talking about the transmission, Team Associated uses a more compact transmission with a 2.6:1 final ratio. A beveled-gear sealed differential is used and filled with grease but you can replace the grease with different silicon fluids to fine tune diff action. The diff is robust enough to resist to abuse of brushless motors. Steel dogbones are used to spin the rear wheels. All components of this smooth drivetrain spin on rubber sealed bearings.

Team Associated SC10 RTR Review Reviews

On the track: The final gear ration gives to the SC10 good accelerations and a decent top speed. The new diff works fine but I’d preferred to have a lightly thicker fluid in the diff but this is only my taste. I drove the SC10 on different surfaces, on dirt, the slipper clutch works nicely and was slipping just enough to prevent too much wheel spin under hard accelerations. However, I had to tight the slipper clutch about ½ turn when I ran the SC10 on concrete because the clutch was too much slipping.


Specs and features:

  • Scale 1:10
  • Power Electric
  • Type Off Road
  • Length 550mm
  • Width 293mm
  • Weight 2080g
  • Wheelbase 327mm
  • Internal Gear Ratio 2.6:1
  • Drive 2WD
  • Track 245mm
  •  Built on the 6-time National Champion RC10T4 platform
  • Authentic short course replica racing truck body
  • Short course style wheels and aggressive tread multi-terrain scale tires with reinforced sidewalls
  • Realistic bumpers front and rear for maximum durability
  • Durable front and rear body mounts
  • 14 rubber-sealed ball bearings
  • Rugged steel turnbuckles for quick and easy suspension adjustments
  • AE logo mud flaps
  • 2.6:1 ratio gearbox equipped with sealed gear differential
  • Efficient dual-sided, externally adjustable slipper clutch
  • Molded composite low-CG chassis
  • Hinged battery hold-down strap fits NiMH and LiPo battery packs
  • Set-screw secured antenna tube
  • Fully adjustable suspension geometry
  • Angled bellcrank coplanar steering with integral servo saver
  • Vertical ball end roll-center adjustments front and rear
  • Blue aluminum shock bodies
  • Steel rear dogbone drive shafts
  • XP2 radio system with metal gear steering servo
  • XP SC200 digital electronic forward/reverse speed controller with optional LiPo low voltage cutoff and optional reverse lockout
  • Reedy 17-turn motor
  • Many Factory Team and Reedy option parts already available!


Tires, body and chassis:

On the bench: The first thing I noticed when I opened the box is how big the SC10 is. The truck is wide and low, exactly as a full scale short course (SC) truck. The second thing I noticed is how realistic the SC10 is. The body is well detailed and comes with all stickers applied. The SC10 really looks like a full scale SC truck. The body, the bumpers, the mud flaps, the wheels and the tires are realistic. The bumpers are huge and will protect the SC10 of any hard impacts. The closed wheels, the huge bumpers and the nerf bars make the SC10 extremely durable. The chassis is from a T4 and have been stretched by 1.75 inches. Good point for the hinged batteryholder that make changing battery extremly easy.

Team Associated SC10 RTR Review Reviews

Team Associated SC10 RTR Review Reviews

On the track: When driving the SC10, the scale look comes even more realistic. The complete package makes me feel like driving a full scale SC truck. Even the sound of the pebbles hitting the body sounds real. If you pay close attention while driving the SC10, you can see the rear mud flaps rubbing on the ground when landing from a jump. The tires work fine and are made of medium compound. They offered good forward and side traction for a RTR on all surfaces I ran the SC10. Only one bad note for the SC10, I’d like to see a plastic guard to prevent dirt and debris to enter the chassis.

 Team Associated SC10 RTR Review Reviews



On the bench: Aluminum blue anodized shocks equip the SC10. Shock spacers are used to adjust the ride height. Those shocks are the same as those found on the T4 and GT2 trucks. The complete suspension is very smooth. I didn’t ask AE for the shock oil but my guess is that the front shocks are filled with 35wt and the rear with 30wt shock oil. The front shocks use silver springs while the rear shocks use green springs. There are a lot of suspension possibilities to fine tune the toe, caster, roll center and ride height. The shock towers and suspension arms offer plenty of shock mounting positions, once again, to fine tune the suspension.

 Team Associated SC10 RTR Review Reviews

On the track: As expected the SC10 handles great. The soft suspension allows enough body roll and makes the SC10 looks like a full scale short course truck when cornering. Good point also for the weight transfer while braking or accelerating. On the rough terrain, the suspension soaked bumps and ruts with ease. I didn’t have to slow done and the truck didn’t get out of shape. I jumped the SC10 over different size of jumps. The SC10 took off level and landed on its four wheels jump after jump. The truck bottomed out when jumping bigger jumps when bashing. It is no big deal because others vehicles were also bottoming out. I read on the web that installing gold shock springs in front and silver springs in rear will increase traction and handling.



On the bench: The SC10 uses the same steering components as the T4. A servo saver is integrated into one of the steering cranks to protect servo under impacts. Steel turnbuckles are used to adjust toe and camber. Foam rings are used on all ball studs to keep dust and debris away.

 Team Associated SC10 RTR Review Reviews


On the track: Like any others 2wd truck, the SC10 understeers when driving on surface with low traction and oversteers when cornering and applying too much throttle. Few tweaks to the suspension and a better throttle control should correct this situation. The steering servo was strong enough to steer the wheel with ease. In any case I had difficulties to keep the truck where I wanted it to go.

What’s hot

  • Realistic scale look
  • Durable
  • Well built
  • Based on the T4
  • Extremly fun to drive

What to improve

  • A faster steering servo
  • A guard to prevent debris to enter the chassis



I now understand why the short course trucks are so popular. Based on the RC10T4, the SC10 is fun to drive, looks incredibly realistic and durable. All the components included into the SC10 are well known stuff from AE so there is no worry concerning their durability and quality. The SC10 will please everybody for sure, it charmed my son and another member of my family who is absolutely not interested in RC (read my wife). The SC10 charmed them so much; they kept stealing the radio from my hands to try the truck. Normally, I don’t run much the vehicles after I wrote the review but in this case, I’ll keep it for me and I have good projects in mind for my new friend, the SC10.

With a price tag of 225$us, the SC10 offers a lot for the money.

For more informations, please visit www.teamassociated.com


Sylvain Lafrance

Hello, my name is Sylvain Lafrance and I am the man behind MyRCBox.com. I have bought my first hobby grade RC in the early 90s. With years, what that started as a simple hobby, quickly became a strong passion. I am so much passionate about R/C that I have created MyRCBox.com in 2006 to share my experiences with R/C products that I use for racing and bashing. Follow me !

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    Love the SC10. It is great for racing and with some minor upgrades, it is near bullet proof. The turning on this thing is great. Only problem is rear traction which can be fixed with some goose bump tires and some rear end adjustments.

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    i love the sc10!!! it is amazing, i got the rtr edition, its pretty fast also! i got it yesterday and have already raced it at the track and won!! i was a first time racer and in the novice class and i won it!! i love this truck it was totally worth 210!!!! Gotta love associated!!!

    1. admin

      I’m glad you like your new SC10 and congrats for your 1st place 🙂

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    Just finish putting my SC10 together this past weekend. Back into RC cars after 20 plus years as a kid and could not be happier. Found my old Tamiya Hornet in parents garage last summer and it got the bug flowing with a great restore. Got a re-release Tamiya Hot-Shot over the winter as well and this SC10 is my 3rd build this year. The technology is so beyond different from the 80’s car to today, just amazging. Talk about just beyond easy to drive. My advice to anyone is buy the kit and build it as nothing helps more than if you put it together. I had a Castle SCT 3800 laying around as I updgraded my Hot Shot to a Castle 5700 SV2(yest brushless in that car works, OMG like driving a 4WD rocket). The SCT in the SC10 is like a work of art, not t to fast and not too slow. I have yet to take it out of my parking garage at the condo yet so not sure about the top speed, but I have a top speed car already, this is for enjoyment.

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    sweet truck

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