Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews

Team Associated SC8 Review

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Team Associated SC8 Review


Team Associated surprised everybody when they have released their new Short Course nitro powered Ready-to-Run truck, the SC8. Based on the RC8T truggy, The SC8 is a hit since it hit hobby shop’s shelves few months ago. At first, I was a little skeptic but when I saw the SC8 in person, I understood why many racers and bashers want one of those trucks.

The SC8 is offered in six different nice looking licensed truck bodies (Red Bull, Lucas Oil, KMC Wheels, Bully Dog, AE Team and Pro Comp). And if you prefer electric trucks, don’t worry, Team Associated offers an electric conversion kit for the SC8.

Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews  All you need is included in the box.


  • Authentic, custom painted and finished scale licensed short course truck body.
  • Mounted and assembled scale wheels & tires with foam inserts and bead guards.
  • Functional full roll cage with integral dirt shields.
  • XP3D Computerized Digital 3-Channel FM Radio System with 10-model memory.
  • Powerful Pro.28 engine with slide carburetor and dual stage air filter.
  • Pro-Start hand-held starting system.
  • S2008 metal gear high-torque steering servo.
    Hard-anodized shock bodies, 4mm shock shafts, and protective rubber boots.
  • Hard-anodized 3mm thick 7075 aluminum chassis.
  • Team Associated 2-chamber tuned muffler.
  • 3mm low-profile black anodized aluminum shock towers.
  • 3mm black anodized aluminum steering rack with ball-bearing steering system.
  • Sealed radio box with thread-through molded antenna mount.
  • Fuel bottle and glow igniter included.


The Team Associated Pro .28 engine powers the SC8, this is the same engine that comes with the RC8 RS and RC8T RS. It is easy to tune, performs well and can push the SC8 into the mid 40MPH. To start the engine, AE includes the Pro-Start hand-held starter. The Pro 28’s starting mechanism is one of the best of the industry; it works flawlessly time after time. An aluminum black two chamber tuned pipe is attached to the engine, a silicon extension routes the exhaust under the chassis.

A fuel primer is installed to make starting a breeze. To fire up the engine, a terminal has been installed on the rear shock tower to connect the glow starter. A 150cc fuel tank will keep the SC8 going for more ten minutes for sure.

Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews

Body, chassis and tires

Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews

Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews  Realistic mud flaps.

The scale realism is awesome, the body and the wheels/tires are identical to the full scale CORR trucks. The bumpers are huge and the braces are designed to absorb major impacts. A little detail that shows how Team Associated pays attention to the scale realism is the rear mud flaps. They are made of soft rubber and an AE logo is engraved. Under the beautiful body, a realistic roll cage protects the SC8 from bad landings and also protects the SC8’s vital components from mud and dirt with two rear fenders and a front firewall. Nice touch!!!

Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews  Venting holes are precut from the factory.

The chassis is made from 3mm 7075 aluminum. The radio tray and shock towers are black anodized for a nice look and for ease of cleaning. Team Associated has cut two venting holes in the body. I mention this because, in a previous review of the RC10GT2 RS (Read Review), I did mentioned the lack of venting holes. I don’t know if I have influenced AE but they cut venting holes into the body, cough cough!

Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews  The tires are the same size than 1:8 buggy tires.

The body posts are used for the body but also to hold the roll cage. Only four body clips need to be removed to remove the tubular roll for quick access.

 Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews

Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews  A realistic roll cage protects the SC8

Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews  A view from under the chassis.


The SC8 is controlled by a 3 channel XP3D FM computerized digital radio with 10 memories. This is a good radio with many nice features usually found on more expensive radios. A large display shows vital information and buttons do programming easy. A S2008 metal gear servo is used for the steering. It is not one of the fastest servos but it is precise and centers well and it has sufficient torque for the job. However, a basic S1903 servo is used for throttle and brake duties.

Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews

Small parts of fuel tubing are installed on the front and rear brake linkages to smooth the brake response. Two huge disk brakes are more the enough to stop the SC8. A roomy radio box accepts hump and flat style battery packs.


One of the first things I noticed was how much the front and rear suspensions are smooth. Black sway bars are installed on both ends to limit body roll. The shocks bodies are hard anodized aluminum with rubber boots to protect the 4mm shock shaft from dirt. Plastic spacers are used to adjust ride height.

Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews

The shock towers are made from 3mm thick aluminum. Multiple shock mounting positions are available to fine tune the suspension. All the four a-arms are thick and will resist to any abuse. To limit the suspension travel, the droop can be adjusted with a screw in the a-arms. Finally, the camber, toe and caster, and wheelbase are, of course, fully adjustable. The SC8 is low, wide with a low CG, cornering should not be a problem.

Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews

Drive train and steering

The good news is that all the drive train is identical to the RC8T’s drive train. On all four corners, rubber boots protect the captured CVAs. Like any other buggy or truggy, the SC8 uses a three-differential configuration. The diff and pinion gears are spiral cut to ensure smooth and precise operation. All three diffs are sealed and fluid can be changed to fine tune diff action depending of the track surface and condition.

Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews

The smooth steering rides on full ball bearings. A 3mm thick aluminum steering rack connects the two ball cranks. An integrated servo saver protects the servo from any damage. All the steering components are huge, robust and slop free assuring precise operation.

 Team Associated SC8 Review Reviews

What I liked

  • Awesome realistic look
  • Based on the race proven RC8T
  • Good engine and radio
  • Well assembled

What could be improved

  • Better throttle/brake servo


The Team Associated SC8 is well assembled and very attractive. As soon as I opened the box I felt in love with this truck. Its low and wide stance will make it a hit on the race tracks. Is this the beginning of a new race class? I think so, the SC8 have all it needs to become a success. Most of the Factory Team option parts designed for the RC8/RC8T will fit on the SC8.

Team Associated took us by surprise with the SC8 and it certainly deserves a try.

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