Review - Team Scream Racing IB 1400 matched pack Reviews

Review – Team Scream Racing IB 1400 matched pack

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Since many months I noticed Team Scream Racing ads in different RC magazines. One day, I decided to go on the web and browse their web site. I was amazed to discover that Team Scream Racing offers that much products. You can find any kind of batteries and motors for all your needs. Even matched hump packs !!! Cool 🙂

Installation and testing

As expected, the batteries arrive unassembled and soldering bars are included. I just had to build the pack. After having soldered the cells together, I was ready to charge my new pack. I cycled the pack two times and I was ready to hit the track with my RC18T. The track condition was not optimal for my RC18T but I was able to find a good racing line to test the battery pack. Having ran my 18T on my track few times this season with the stock packs, I was able to compare my new pack.

At first, I noticed that my truck has more acceleration but the track condition didn’t let me reach vehicle top speed so I decided to try my RC18T on the street. With plenty of traction, I was now able to reach top speed. I didn’t take long to my 18T to reach top speed, just few seconds and the little truck was at full speed. As noticed on my race track, the Team Scream Racing’s matched pack really makes my RC18T accelerate faster and top speed is also increased. Even if I didn’t calculate the runtime, I can evaluate that the runtime is also increased by about 1 minute.

Few more cycles later, the pack reached his full potential and still gives me a lot of power and runtime. Take your time to read carefully the charge and discharge instruction label. It’s worth the time to charge your pack correctly.

ConclusionReview - Team Scream Racing IB 1400 matched pack Reviews

Team Scream Racing’s IB 1400 Matched pack is a good investment no matter you race or bash. It gives me more runtime, more punch and more top speed and this is exactly what I was looking for.

You can be sure this pack will be my #1 pack for racing…

Next time, I’ll shop for my B4… 🙂

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