Review Venom Forty-Five tires

Here is a very interesting tire, the Venom Forty-Five. Interesting first because of its low price and interesting because of its simple tread design. Nothing too much complicated, simply a good tread design made of medium size pins. The Forty-Five have a ribbed carcass to prevent tire ballooning that affects handling. The included Griplox yellow foam insert is hard enough to keep the tire in good shape and to limit sidewall flex. The Forty-Five tires are affordable making them a good choice for racers or bashers on budget. They get their name from the 45 degree cut pins on the edge of the tire. This greatly limits traction roll when hard cornering.

Review Venom Forty-Five tires Reviews


I glued the Forty-Five on Venom Rally 1/8 off-road yellow wheels. They are nice looking and give a fresh look compared to the conventional dish style wheels. They are made of nylon and will resist to the hardest abuses. The tires fit perfectly on the wheels and it was really easy to glue them on. Right after the glue was completely dried, I started my 1/8 buggy and ran the tires in my backyard for a first feel of the Forty-Five. As expected, the multi-pins tread gripped well on all surfaces you can expect in a backyard. Grass, rocks and gravel were the playfield for the Forty-Five. I gave them few rides on asphalt (after all, I had to test them!), of course, the traction was excellent but the asphalt test was more to test wearing. The medium compound was hard enough to resist to the repeated hard accelerations I had fun to do with my buggy. I did few laps at my local race track to evaluate the Forty-Five race potential. Even after I have run them on asphalt for a complete fuel tank, the Forty-Five were still performing well on the loose track surface. The Forty-Five tires have the potential to be raced as well as to be bashed around the house.

Review Venom Forty-Five tires Reviews


Outer Diameter: 4.5″ (114.3mm)
Inner Diameter: 3.2″ 81.28mm)
Width: 1.9″ (48.26mm)

 Review Venom Forty-Five tires Reviews


The Forty-Five design is quite simple but effective. The multi pins are well spaced to offer good all-around traction. At first, I thought the tires were more oriented for bashing. After few laps on a track, I realized they were also able to perform as well on a race track. If you are a basher that likes to hit the track once and a while, the Venom Forty-Five might be what you are looking for.

VEN-1130V3 Forty-Five 1/8 Tire-V3 w/Griplox Inserts

VEN-1130V5 Forty-Five 1/8 Tire-V5 w/Griplox Inserts

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