Venom Snake Eye Micro DV Camera Review Reviews

Venom Snake Eye Micro DV Camera Review

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Venom Snake Eye Micro DV Camera Review


I frequently show to my friends what I’ll review next on just to receive their opinions regarding certain products I review. For this review, I completely lost control. After I showed them few videos recorded with the camera. The Venom Snake Eye Micro DV Camera (130U$ street price) has created hysteria among my friends. They all wanted to borrow it for different reasons. One of my friends wanted to use it when he will go skiing next winter, another wanted to strap it on his dirt bike, another wanted to fix it on whatever it comes to his mind. They all wanted to use it. I understand them, I soon as I opened the box, I found myself recording anything I can.

Venom Snake Eye Micro DV Camera Review Reviews
The Venom Snake Eye is about the same size as a AA battery


The camera:

The Venom Snake Eye Micro DV Camera is compact (55mmx28mmx20mm) and only weights 50g. At the opposite of manufacturers of digital cameras that who only included a 32MB memory card, Venom had the great idea to include a 2GB Micro SD card with the camera which is good enough to record more than 80 minutes. You can use up to a 8GB memory card that will give you 320 minutes (5.3 hours) of recording! A built-In rechargeable 260 mah LiPo battery is good for 2 hours of recording. In standby mode, the battery will last 250 hours and can be charged through the USB port of your computer. The 2 megapixels camera, records clear, bright and smooth movies using a resolution of 640×480 pixels in an .AVI file format at 25 frames/second rate. The camera is compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports and Mac OSX, Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Seven.

Using the Snake Eye Micro DV Camera is as easy as turning on the camera and press the record button. The activity led turns blue when the camera is powered on and flashes green when the cam is recording. An interesting possibility of the camera is to start recording when the noise gets above than 65 decibels and then stop recording 2 minutes after the sound gets below the 65 decibels mark. This function can be activated or disabled with the VOX switch located on the side of the camera. Venom included a wide variety of clips, bands and straps to install the camera everywhere. A carrying pouch, USB cable, Velcro bracket, silicon case are also included.

Venom Snake Eye Micro DV Camera Review Reviews



Here are few videos recorded with the Snake Eye camera.



You can see more videos here:


Specs and features:

  • Length: 0.8 in
  • Width: 0.6 in
  • Height: 2.2 in
  • Weight: 1.4 oz.
  • High Speed Recording & Quick Light Response
  • 2000K Pixels High Resolution Images
  • 25 Frames per Second for 640×480 Video Output
  • 2GB Micro SD Memory Card – Can use up to 8GB
  • 80min Record Time w/ 2GB Card, up to 320min w/ 8GB Card
  • AVI Video Format
  • Sound Activated Recording
  • Built-In Rechargeable 260 mah LiPO Battery with 2 Hour Battery Life
  • USB Recharging from Computer
  • Easy Operation
  • 3 Professional Sport Mounts Included
  • 72 degree View Angle
  • 2hrs of Usage



  • Micro Sport Cam
  • 2 GB Micro SD Card
  • Silicone Case with Safety Strap
  • Tilting Helmet/Handle Bar Mount
  • Tilting Magnetized Mount
  • Snap-on Clip for Belts, Pockets, Purses, etc.
  • Velcro Arm Band
  • Elastic Head Band
  • 3 Mini Velcro Straps
  • Carrying Pouch
  • USB Cable



While the R/C industry is filled of useful and not so useful gadgets, Venom offers one of the best R/C gadgets I ever owned. The Snake Eye Micro DV Camera is exactly what I expect from a micro cam. It records good quality movies, good sound and can be attached on any surfaces and in any conditions. With all the clips and straps included, the Snake Eye Micro DV Camera is not just designed for R/C, you can use while you practice any of your favorite sports or activities. You can be sure, I’ll keep on using this camera for many others projects on Warning, the Venom Snake Eye Micro DV camera is extremely addictive.

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23 thoughts on “Venom Snake Eye Micro DV Camera Review

  1. Great review, I have been tossing around the idea of getting some sort of video system to in the near future. I’d like to mount something on my Hpi Baja 5B or 5T. I’ve been looking at actual camera systems or the Go Pro Camera System. Is there anyway you could post a few pictures of the Venom System mounted on the vechile??

    Keep up the good work and thanks..

    Long Island NY

    1. For the off-road scenes, the camera was mounted directly on the body of a Wheely King. For the street, I mounted the camera on the front shock tower.

      It is best to mount the camera where vibrations are minimal, like shock towers or directly on the chassis. It takes few tries to find a good mounting location.

  2. Silly question I s’pose but can the unit lay flat and still film forward or does it have to stand upright as in the picture with the battery?

  3. Looking at the picture the lens is pointing at me. If the camera was mounted on top of the wing of my glider in this orientation would I be filming ahead of the glider or the sky above. Have I made sense?

  4. An ac adapter was not included in the unit I purchase and VENOM customer service claim they never supplied one. any suggestions?

  5. Thanks for the link which leads to this question:
    – I just learned pc usb dc output is 5 v dc
    – the duracell portable list theit output @ 5vdc
    – I have a GARMIN portable charger ac to dc 5v .35 amp mini usb connector which I was thinking would be to much voltage for the VENOM 3.7vdc lipo battery. But the GARMIN charger should be ok.
    Any thoughts?

  6. I emailed Venom asking whether there was a way of setting time and date. Their response:

    I apologize but I am not aware of a date/time stamp with this device. I have asked our technician and he has told me this would be a new version and the setting of this would require writing code and saving it to the memory card.
    Also we do not have any software for this device unfortunately.

  7. I have this camera hooked thru the mini USB to the micro USB on my Droid Razr…. I need an app or something that will allow me to review on my motorcycle.. Thx

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