Review SMC 4S 6500mAh LiPo Factory Spec Battery Reviews

Review SMC 4S 6500mAh LiPo Factory Spec Battery

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SMC 4S 6500mAh LiPo Factory Spec Battery Review


Anyone who runs electric cars know the importance of having good quality LiPo packs and this is especially true for 1/8th scale e-buggy. This year, I’ve decided to mainly focus on 1/8 e-buggy so having good quality LiPo packs was very important for me. Another point is that I’m still nervous about LiPo batteries.

I never had bad experience (touching wood!) but I prefer to play it safe so hardcase pack was mandatory. I also wanted packs with higher C ratings. I know many of you will say that we can’t trust C rating because every manufacturers use their own calculations but I prefer a packs with 60C than 25C. My third criteria was the price. I can understand that LiPo packs are expensive, however like most of you, I race on budget and buying 180$ was out of question for me. This is for all those reasons that my choice ended on two SMC Racing 4S 6500mAh LiPo packs.


The battery:

I will first say that SMC LiPo packs are freshly built. According to the sticker on the boxes, the packs I’ve received were made 15 days earlier and they were perfectly balanced at 3.86v per cell. The SMC LiPo packs come with huge 10awg wires and Deans connector, this is perfect for 1/8 scale performances. The balancing connector is a XH connector which is common for LiPo battery.

Review SMC 4S 6500mAh LiPo Factory Spec Battery Reviews


The test:

I have first charged both packs at 6A and 30 minutes later, both packs were fully charged with 4.20v per cells. To test my new SMC 4S LiPo packs, I’ve installed a first pack in my e-buggy, the pack perfectly fits into my RC8.2e and will also fit most 1/8th scale buggy and truggy perfectly. I then headed out in my backyard for a first test. The SMC 4S 6500mAh LiPo pack has as much power as high priced (2 or 3 times the price of my SMC pack) LiPo packs on the market and I had 25 minutes runtime before the low-voltage cut off kicked in. At the end of the test, the pack and the connector were slightly warm just like they should be.

Review SMC 4S 6500mAh LiPo Factory Spec Battery Reviews

After my initial test, two cells were at 3.22v and the two others were at 3.20v. That’s perfect for me! I’ve let the pack sit for few minutes before recharging it at 6A. I did the same tests with my other SMC pack and the results and numbers were about the same. After several tests in bashing and racing conditions, the packs always performed flawlessly and always stayed balanced after each runs.



Will I buy more SMC LiPo packs? YES I WILL! I really like them! The SMC packs are certainly the best bang for the bucks you can find on the market. SMC packs can be ordered online at SMC Racing has a wide variety of high performance LiPo packs to suit all my 1/10th and 1/8th needs. I’ve few others SMC packs I’d like to test so stay tuned to MyRCBox for my info on SMC packs!


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  1. Glad you did a current review of these packs been thinking of getting some. Have tested the trintiy revtech batteries at all?

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