Team Associated B4.1 Worlds Kit Review Reviews

Team Associated B4.1 Worlds Kit Review

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Team Associated B4.1 Review

I’ve bought my first 2wd buggy somewhere in 2005 or 2006. It was a Team Associated RC10B4 RTR. At this time, I was more attracted by the popularity of nitro stadium trucks and monster trucks racing. Influenced by one of my friend, I’ve bought the buggy and started running it. Immediately, I’ve fell in love with the buggy. I remember how smooth the buggy was at the track. This was the time where LiPo/Brushless combos were new and rarely used. There was only one class and this was the “open class”. My buggy was definitively underpowered with its 27T motor compared to others competitors 12T brushed motors but with good tires and a smooth driving (at least I tried!!) I’ve had a blast driving my buggy around the track.

Things have changed since my first contact with the 2wd buggy class. Brushless motors have replaced the brushed motors (yeah!!) and NiMh batteries are no longer used for R/C racing. My Team Associated RC10B4 has been replaced by the B4.1 few years ago. Recently, Team Associated has released a new B4.1 Worlds edition. Thanks to Ryan Cavalieri who has won the 2011 I.F.M.A.R. World Championships in Vaasa, Finland. Since its initial release in 2003, the B4 platform still undefeated with five I.F.M.A.R. World titles. Not bad isn’t it?

Team Associated B4.1 Worlds Kit Review Reviews

First, the B4.1 Worlds edition is a kit so you’ll need to assemble the buggy. This should not be a problem because the B4.1 Worlds is intended for racers and we all know that racers prefer to build kits! For those who prefer to take the easy (or lazy) path, the B4.1 is still available in RTR but it doesn’t come with the Worlds specs.

One of the most important changes is the 8mm extended chassis. The new chassis is better suited for LiPo configuration but it mainly offers a better weight transfer and increases stability on rough surfaces. Since the chassis is longer, a new battery strap is included with the kit.

Team Associated B4.1 Worlds Kit Review Reviews

Team Associated has had the great idea to include a Pro-Line Bulldog +8mm body with the kit. The new Bulldog body is exactly the same as the one used by Cavalieri to win the 2011 I.F.M.A.R. World Championships. The buggy also comes with Pro-Line yellow dish wheels and Pro-Line M3 Holeshot 2.0 rear and M3 4-rib front tires.  I would have prefered the Pro-Line closed cell inserts instead of the traditional white foam inserts.

Team Associated B4.1 Worlds Kit Review Reviews

A rear ballast weight is included in the kit. This extra weight goes under the rear shock tower to add a little extra traction to the rear. New 0 degree rear hubs are also included to give you even more tuning options.


Building the kit:

Building a race kit like the Team Associated B4.1 Worlds is always fun. It took me few hours to build my new buggy. Team Associated has added an extra instructions sheet that you must read first and I insist on the “YOU MUST READ IT FIRST”. The sheet tells you what setup you should use when building the kit if you want your B4.1 to be “Worlds tuned”. Keep that sheet close when building the kit. Special note… Pay close attention when building the kit, the manual covers the B4.1 and the T4.1, keep focused on the sections and exploded views specific to the B4.1.

Team Associated B4.1 Worlds Kit Review Reviews

During the entire building process, all the instructions were clear and easy to follow. All parts have fitted extremely well together and I have nothing else to say that the B4.1 is super easy to build. If you are in the market for a 2wd buggy and you think that building a kit might be too complicated for you, buy this kit, it is really easy to build.



For me, the new Team Associated B4.1 Worlds represents a minor upgrade over the previous B4.1 FT. However, the new Worlds edition has all the latest options already included in the box. Some racers wanted the big bore shocks but AE thinks that the V2 shocks are still a good choice. Team Associated must be right because the B4.1 Worlds has won where others buggies equipped with BB shocks have failed.

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