Review Team Associated SC10B RS RTR Reviews

Review Team Associated SC10B RS RTR

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Announced earlier in autumn 2012, the Team Associated SC10B RS RTR is available since the beginning of December. I’ve received mine in the middle of December just in time for Christmas. Unfortunately for me, this is winter here and all the tracks are covered by snow. This doesn’t stop me to write this small review about this new short course buggy. I hope you’ll like it.


First, the Team Associated SC10B is based on the popular and proven SC10 short course truck. As expected, Team Associated has released the ready-to-Run version before to the kit version. This doesn’t stop some racers to buy the RTR and install all the SC10’s Factory option parts to create their own SC10B Factory vehicle.



Ok, the very first noticeable change observed on the new SC10B is the presence of new front a-arms. With a seagull’s wing shape, the new a-arms slightly change the front suspension geometry and from what I’ve heard (from a very good source), the new a-arms increase front traction and keep the front end more planted to the ground which increases steering and cornering. The SC10B RS’ suspension is very smooth with good amount of suspension travel. This is perfect for rough surface and for jump landings.

Review Team Associated SC10B RS RTR Reviews

Four blue anodized V2 shocks are installed and since this is the RTR version, ride height is adjustable by adding or removing plastic shock spacers. I don’t know exactly what weight of shock fluid is used but I suspect something in the 30-35wt range. The shock towers have many shock mounting holes to adjust suspension to your needs. The SC10B RS RTR comes with a quite neutral suspension setup which is good for bashing around the house and racing. Team Associated offers a multitude of different rates shock springs, pistons and oil weights to tune your shocks and suspension. If you want more suspension options, you can install the new 12mm big bore shocks.

Review Team Associated SC10B RS RTR Reviews



Nothing new in the drivetrain department, this is a copy and paste from the SC10 RS RTR truck. The V2 slipper clutch protects the drive train from abuses and helps to control traction loss on slippery surfaces. To adjust the slipper clutch, simply remove the plastic cap on the tranny gear cover and tighten or loosen the nut, this is super easy. Now comes next the well-known transmission that equips all Team Associated 2wd off-road vehicles. For their RTR vehicles, Team Associated installs a sealed gear diff for more durability and less maintenance. The gear diff can be fine-tuned by using different weights of diff oil or grease. The diff is super smooth and doesn’t really need any maintenance for a long time. Of course, if you are a diehard racer, you might want to upgrade it for a balls diff. Finally, dogbones are used to transfer the power to the wheels. Note that 12mm hexes are used on all four corners. This lets you swap front and rear tires easily.

Review Team Associated SC10B RS RTR Reviews



If you are familiar with Team Associated’s RTR vehicles, you will immediately recognize the electronics used in the SC10B RS RTR. A basic metal geared servo is used for the steering. This servo is not the fastest but it does its job well. To move the SC10B, Team Associated has included a Reedy 3300kv brushless motor and a XP SC700-BL water-resistant electronic speed controller. This is a good combo for a RTR vehicle. It produces good speed, good torque and it is easy of use. It comes with bullet connectors so you don’t have to unsolder any wires for removing the motor or the ESC. This is perfect for newcomers or for people who likes to keep things simple. This is exactly the same combo as the one found in the B4.1RTR, T4.1RTR and SC10 RTR vehicles. You can use NiMh or LiPo battery packs.

Review Team Associated SC10B RS RTR Reviews

To control the SC10B RS, Team Associated has included their XP 2.4GHz radio system. This is a good radio for a RTR vehicle. The radio has some nice features like the dual rate and throttle and steering trims. The receiver is located in a water-resistant receiver box. Please take note that the receiver box and ESC are water-resistant which doesn’t mean they are water proof.

Review Team Associated SC10B RS RTR Reviews



Two different paint schemes are available, a blue/red/white and an all blue. Thanks God, I’ve received the blue/red/white one which is at my opinion the best looking body. The three-colors body remembers me the mythic AE’s paint scheme from the end of the 80s. All this just to say that I prefer the 3-colors paint scheme. Even if I never judge a car by its look, extra points should be given for the details and the realism. The bumpers, the nerf bars, the KMC replica wheels and the roll cage with windows nets, cockpit and the figurine (at least the helmet) add realism to the SC10B.

Review Team Associated SC10B RS RTR Reviews

I had few difficulties to remove the body for the very first time. Two plastic brackets hold the roll cage to the chassis, you need to “squeeze” in the nerf bars to release them from the chassis. Those brackets integrated to the chassis increase nerf bars solidity and increase protection.

Review Team Associated SC10B RS RTR Reviews

A special mention for the tires choice. I often blame manufacturers for installing “el cheapo” tires on their RTRs but this time, Team Associated has equipped the SC10B RTR with some nice tires. First, the front tires are new and have a different tread design to provide more side bite. The compound is a little hard but that’s okay for me. Second, the rear tires are JConcepts Subcultures in green (super soft) compound. The tread design and the super soft compound will offer incredible traction on the track. However, they will wear out quite fast if you run the SC10B on the street.

Review Team Associated SC10B RS RTR Reviews



  • Fully assembled 2WD short course pro buggy based on the multi-time National Champion SC10 truck
  • Full roll cage with window nets and integral nerf bars
  • Water-resistant XP Brushless Electronic Speed Control with reverse and LiPo low-voltage cutoff
  • XP 2.4GHz radio system with metal-gear steering servo
  • Powerful Reedy 3300 KV brushless motor
  • Water-resistant enclosed receiver box
  • Heavy-duty sealed gear differential
  • Factory finished body including detailed cockpit and driver with two versions to choose from
  • KMC™ replica wheels with 12mm hexes and aggressive short-course race tires
  • Blue anodized aluminum V2 coil-over shock absorbers
  • Molded composite chassis and battery strap that accommodates NiMH or LiPo battery packs
  • Realistic front and rear bumpers designed to absorb impacts




  • The Blue/Red/White body looks awesome
  • Based on the SC10
  • Tons of option parts available
  • Good race tires included.



  • Roll cage/chassis brackets make body a little hard to remove the first times
  • Steering servo could have been a little faster/stronger.




The new Team Associated SC10B RS RTR is not just a nice looking vehicle, it also shares all the winning DNA of the three-time and undefeated ROAR Nats champion SC10 truck so you know this is a capable racing buggy. Right out of the box, the SC10B RS RTR offers great performances. If you are like me and you are little bored by all those short course trucks out there then take a closer look to the SC10B and you’ll not be disappointed.

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