Track Test – Thunder Tiger ST-1

Because this ST-1 will be my race truck for the next season, I replaced the stock receiver and transmitter with my Airtronics receiver and radio. Not that I don’t trust stock radio equipment but I just want to test the truck with my radio. I fine tuned the trims and headed for my track. I also added a rear wing.

I don’t have any 1/8 starter box at this time, I installed a Monster GT’s fuel primer to save my right arm. Even if few guys at the track said that they have air leak with this primer I never had any issue with this primer, so I installed it. Nothing was changed on the truck, it’s box stock except for the radio, receiver and the rear wing.

 Track Test – Thunder Tiger ST-1 Reviews

Track Test – Thunder Tiger ST-1 Reviews

With a fully charged glow starter and a full tank of 30% XP Fuel, I primed the carb until fuel entered the carb then I pulled the pullstart 2-3 times before I realized that there was too much compression/pinch and I didn’t want to break the pullstart or the one way bearing, so I loosen the glow plug one turn and it was much easier to start the engine. Once the engine is started, tight the glow plug.

To broke in the engine, I let the engine run idle (200F-205F) on the ground, with few throttle inputs to keep it running, for the first tank, I let it cold with the piston at the bottom of the sleeve for 10 minutes. Then I restarted it and began to lean it at each tank until I got descent performance. After 6 tanks, it was time to hit the track. Read??? my Engine break-in procedure.

When I installed the body, I noticed that engine’s temp were getting really high (280F) even with holes in the windshield and the driver’s window. I had to improve engine’s head airflow to lower the temp in the 240-250F by adding holes in the body.

Acceleration and braking
Track Test – Thunder Tiger ST-1 Reviews

I did two laps at low speed to familiarize with the truck. I didn’t need more lap to realize how sure footed is the ST-1. At full speed in the straight the ST-1 still planted even over the ruts and I never needed to slow down or to correct his trajectory with steering inputs.

Acceleration was strong and it was really easy to clear all jumps. As expected the front wheels unloaded quickly because the center diff is filled with grease like many truggies on the market. Stock tires did a good job on my track surface and the ST-1 accelerated quickly. It took few seconds to reach top speed (37-38 MPH).

I ran the ST-1 like if I was in a race, after six tanks of race simulation, the ST-1 was still braking on a dime, no brake fade.

Track Test – Thunder Tiger ST-1 Reviews

Jump after jump, the ST-1 still wanted more, as I did ! His jumping attitude is very predictable and level. No matter how I jumped or landed, the ST-1 never got out of shape. Controlling the truck in the air was really easy. If you ever need to correct the truck in the air, just a little hit on the brake or throttle is enough.

Track Test – Thunder Tiger ST-1 Reviews

I have few 180 degrees tight turns on my track, some of them have ruts and never the ST-1 got out of shape. On power steering was a bit touchy because of the light center diff grease but thicker oil will prevent the truck from pushing too much. Off power steering was just like I like it and let the ST-1 entered any corner with ease and speed. When I entered tight turns from the inside, I applied a little bit of brake to swing the rear end.
I found the stock steering servo saver a bit soft, it’s not big deal, just tight few turns and it will be perfect.

Stock steering servo did a great job, enough torque to keep front wheels pointed where you want them. It’s not the fastest servo on the market but it did his job perfectly. Nothing stops you to get a better servo and keep the steering servo as a spare for throttle and brake duties.

Stock tires did a nice job on my track, however I have a brand new set of Pro-Line’s Crime Fighter MT with ST-1 offset wheels on my workbench. They will help to get even more corner speed. Installing the front sway bar will help too.

What I liked

  • Top quality truggy
  • Light, wide with very low CG
  • Built like a tank
  • Great brakes
  • Powerful stock engine
  • Nice metal gear servos
  • Best looking truggy !!!

What could be improved

  • Front wheels touch body when fully steered
  • No stock rear wing


Out of the box, the ST-1 performs like a pro. With few minor adjustments, it will handle like I want. This truggy have a lot of potential and can win against any other truggies available on the market. I feel in love with the ST-1, it so easy to drive and it never get out of shape.

After a complete day at the track, nothing broke or even get loose. Steering is as tight as new and all other components still like new. I had to glue a font tire after a hard contact with a piece of wood. Engine is still running strong and seems to run forever, no overheating and continue to run perfectly even after 8 consecutive fuel tanks.

During winter, I’ll install the front sway bar, fill the diffs with oil and install Crime Fighter MT and the ST-1 will be ready for the next race season.

Track Test – Thunder Tiger ST-1 Reviews

If you are on the market to get a great, tough and race oriented truggy, go with the Thunder Tiger ST-1, you won’t regret it. Thunder Tiger supports the ST-1 with a wide range of hopup parts for any of your needs.

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