TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station Review Reviews

TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station Review

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TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station Review

Few years ago, I’ve left nitro racing to focus on electric racing. In my 15 years of nitro racing, I never really needed a good quality soldering iron. Now, with all the battery connectors, speed controllers, motors and charging leads that need soldering, I had no other choice than looking for a better soldering iron.

My 40 watt soldering iron was not enough powerfull for all my needs, especially when it comes to solder 12 awg and 10 awg wires or to make clean solders to my speed controllers or my motors. The main problem with my previous soldering iron is the time needed to heat up and all the time I had to apply the tip on the solder. Most of the time, it was taking so long that the circuit board or the connectors became really hot increasing the chances of overheating the connectors or motor/ESC boards.

Among all the soldering stations available on the market, the TrakPower TK-950 60 watt soldering station has been my choice. The main reasons why I’ve chosen the TK-950 are the price (80$us), the included chisel and pencil tips and the 5-year warranty (1 year on the iron handle’s electronics).

The TK-950 comes nicely packaged. Assembling takes less than a minute. A vinyl wrap is included but I’ve preferred to not apply it and to keep the soldering station black. It takes exactly 1 minute for the TrakPower TK-950 to reach its maximum temperature of 896F(480C). A little red LED indicates when the device heats up. According to the specifications, the iron holds a temperature within 1.8F (1C). A knob lets you easily adjust the temperature within a wide 392-896°F range. The insulated handle fits nice in my hand and the cable that connects the handle to the station is very supple. Replacement tips can be ordered separately.

TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station Review Reviews

For my needs, I’ve installed the chisel tip because it have more heat contact which is perfect for better and cleaner solders. After only a minute, the iron has reached its maximum temperature and I was ready to try my new TK-950. I have the pre-tinned the motor tabs and the wires and then I’ve applied to wire on the motor tab and have touched the iron tip on the wire. It took 2-3 seconds to bind the motor and wire tin together. I’ve then removed the tip and let the solder cool down. My first soldering with my new TK-950 was done…. The best and easiest solder I’ve ever made!

TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station Review Reviews


What I liked:

  • Heat up really quickly
  • Low price tag



What could be improved:

  • Nothing, it is perfect as it is!


The TrakPower TK-950 is exactly what I was looking for, a high quality soldering station at an affordable price. The iron heats up very quickly and most important, it holds its temperature no matter what you solder. If you need to solder connectors, speed controllers or motors, the TrakPower TK-950 should on the top of your list! be on the top of your list.



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