XP Car Extreme Fuel 30% Reviews

XP Car Extreme Fuel 30%

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I have been racing XP Car Extreme Fuel for few years now, for the 2006 race season, I decided to continue with XP Car Extreme Fuel but I also decided to go with 30% rather than 20%.


New for 2006, the fuel is now red compared to blue for the past years. New castor oil, Klotz BeNol that is pressed, degummed and extra fortified. New in the bottle, the XP-7 additive which has proven to lower head temperatures on average by 25%.

As soon as I received my order, I tried this little red juice in my brand new Ofna/Picco 28 engine. Even with 11% of oil and 30% of nitro, break in the new engine with this fuel was really easy. No sign of overheat, temperature was in the 190-200F range for all the break in process.

I used this fuel to break in a stock .28 Monster GT engine. Again, everything went fine from the first pull to the end of the break in process.

Now that my engine was ready for some track action, I started to lean my Monster GT equipped with the Ofna/Picco .28 engine. With the temps in the 220-230F range, the engine was very responsive with a nice white/blue smoke coming out of the tuned pipe. Idling was perfect and no oil residue all over the left side of the truck. I also did the same test with the stock .28 engine, once again, perfect idling and no oil residue.

 XP Car Extreme Fuel 30% Reviews

As a final test, I used the XP Fuel in my RC10GT equipped with the stock .15 engine. Even if this engine was previously running with 20% nitro, switching to 30% required only a little needles adjustment. On the first lap, I immediately noticed a boost in the performance. Even with a small block engine, temperature was perfect, no oil mess coming out of the tuned pipe and idling perfectly.
I raced this fuel in my Monster GT all summer, my engine still running strong, no premature wear, great performance every time, no overheat even after a 30 minutes main.

In fact, I can’t ask anything more. This fuel is perfect for racing or for bashing. It offers great performance with no overheating, no oil mess run after run. The only negative point… I should have ordered more!!!

You can get it in a 20% (part number 23063) or 30% (part number 23064)formula. Also available for planes and helicopters.

For more information, check www.xpfuel.com

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