Review XT60 Connectors Reviews

Review XT60 Connectors

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XT60 Connectors review

There are many different types of connectors available on the market. For many years, the Deans plugs were the standard and since their debut, the little red connectors were the reference. With the venue of 1/8 scale electric vehicles and the heavier gauge wires making good, safe and resistant solders is more difficult, especially with the Dean’s small tabs.

With the expensive price of LiPo packs, I don’t want to ruin one with a bad solder (you can imagine the damage!!!) so I’ve browsed the web to the quest of a new type of connector. After having read many things about the Traxxas, the EC5 and EC3, the XT-60 plugs. I come to the conclusion that the XT-60 connectors were the ones that represent the best solution for my soldering and safety concerns.

The plug are affordable, I’ve bought a pack 30 males and females connectors (including red and black shrink tubes) on EBay for 25$. The plug is about the same size as a quarter. Their shape makes them impossible to inverse polarity when connecting. The + and – signs are clearly visible so soldering the right wire to the right place a child’s play. The connectors are gold platted for less resistance. The XT-60 connectors are big enough to be disconnected easily and are small enough to fit everywhere.

Review XT60 Connectors Reviews

But where the XT-60 connectors shine is when comes the time to solder the wires. Their gold platted curved tabs are big enough to easily accept 10 gauge wires. Plus, a part of the shrink tube goes inside the connector by 1mm. This greatly lowers the chance of a short circuit since all the tab is covered by the shrink tube. It now takes me only 5 minutes to make one connector, that’s a huge improvement compared to what it usually takes me with the others types of connectors.

Review XT60 Connectors Reviews

I use the XT-60 connector for a good amount of time now. I use them for my starter box, my Team Associated B4.1, my SC10 4×4 and for my RC8e buggy. They never came hot, the solders still strong and each part of the connector still fit tight.

I really recommend them to anyone!


Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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