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Team Associated's logo copied? My Words

Team Associated’s logo copied?

A friend of mines sent me few pictures of the “AE” logo that are very similar to the Associated Electrics logo. The picture shows a spectacular Ford Mustang Hybrid wearing the logo of Always...

What is My Words

What is

MyRCBox is a blog dedicated to R/C hobbyists of any levels. Launched in Oct. 2006 as a personal web page, MyRCBox has quickly become popular among R/C enthusiasts from all around the world. We...

Are carpet racers better drivers? My Words

Are carpet racers better drivers?

Have you ever watched a carpet race? These cars go at an incredible speed and seem to be hooked to the track by a giant magnet. From my point of view, I believe carpet...

Team Associated RC10F soon? My Words

Team Associated RC10F soon?

Some informations and photos have leaked from Team Associated in the last weeks about a new Formula One prototype car. Few days ago, Rick Hohwart posted a picture of two prototypes Formula One cars....

Team Associated RC10T Re-release this year? My Words

Team Associated RC10T Re-release this year?

This year, the Team Associated RC10T will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Just like the gold pan RC10 buggy, the legendary electric stadium truck has started a whole new racing class. In the early 90’s,...

Team Associated B6/B6D - What’s new My Words

Team Associated B6/B6D – What’s new

Team Associated has recently announced two new 2wd buggies. The B6 which is designed for high traction surfaces like turf, carpet or clay. The B6D is designed for more conventional dirt track surfaces. Both...

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