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10 things to do during winter

10 things to do during winter Articles

I don’t know for you but where I live, there is a lot of snow covering all places we usually ride our vehicles during hot summer days. So what are the things you should do during winter…?

1) Inspect and charge all your battery packs frequently. Don’t forget to charge your starter box’s battery!

2) Clean your vehicle. It is a good idea to completely disassemble it and clean it carefully. Replace all broken, bent or worn out parts and replace all shock and diff fluids. Make sure your vehicle and all your pit gear are ready for your next season.

3) Clean up your toolbox and while you are at it, check your spare parts inventory and order any missing spare part.

4) Spend good time surfing different RC web sites. There are a multitude of forums on the web. Most of them are dedicated to a specific brand or model. I personally spend most of my online free time on www.rcten.com. This forum is dedicated to Team Associated products. This is a good place to make new friends.

5) Buy a Losi Micro-T (www.losi.com) and spend good times running this little truck inside your house. The Losi Micro-T is a capable little truck, it is fast and extremely funny to drive.

10 things to do during winter Articles

6) Have a look at Virtual RC (www.virtualrc.com) they offer the best on-road RC simulator. Even if you don’t race on-road, Virtual RC will let you improve your driving skills and reflexes. A new off-road version will soon be available.

10 things to do during winter Articles

7) If you are nostalgic and the sound of nitro engines is missing you, order the last World Championship DVDs from www.LiveRC.com. The DVDs are filled with great action and interviews.

10 things to do during winter Articles

8) If you can’t control your need of driving a RC vehicle. Traxxas (www.traxxas.com) has a wide variety of waterproof vehicles to suit your needs. A Traxxas E-Maxx might be the cure:)

10 things to do during winter Articles

9) Buy a new vehicle or new equipment. There is a ton of items you can buy. Upgrade your radio, buy a new transponder, upgrade your vehicle with new tires, body, servos,engine/motor or tuned pipe.

10) The last recommendation and the most important, keep on reading MyRCBox.com!

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