Interview - Discover the new MBX6T with Ronda Skelton Articles

Interview – Discover the new MBX6T with Ronda Skelton

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Interview – Discover the new MBX6T with Ronda Skelton


I never had the chance to meet Ronda Skelton in person. Since I interviewed Ronda in June 08 (Read interview) her interview has been the most visited page of my entire website. This is the proof that she just not performs well on the race track; she is also an excellent ambassador for the hobby/sport.

Interview - Discover the new MBX6T with Ronda Skelton Articles

The idea of this interview came after I have emailed Ronda simply to ask her what was going on in her race career. She emailed me back few results of her last races at Silver State. Her reply sounded to my ears like “Hey big guy… Look what I’ve done recently!” LOL J I know she can beat my anytime with one of her hands in her back so I quickly reoriented our discussion and asked her if she had tried the new Mugen MBX6T truggy…

To know more about Ronda and her new ride keep on reading. This will be the only “personal” question I’ll ask you because I don’t want to go in your personal life. In our last interview, you choose to announce to the world who was your new boyfriend, Adam Drake. I know you are now engaged. How are the weddings preparations?

Ronda Skelton: The Wedding preparations are going as planned and the Big Day is almost here!  Adam is a sweetheart and will make a wonderful husband. I am very excited to tie the Knot. Your last interview is the most read interview of my entire website. How do you explain your popularity?

Ronda Skelton: People like to see unusual things or beyond what is ordinary. It’s very rare that you see females racing in any Hobby or Sport. I would like to think my popularity is because I have a unique talent, great sportsmanship, a fair team player, and a good ambassador for the hobby. J Besides R/C, you have a fulltime job. What do your coworkers say when you tell them you race R/C cars? Are they surprised?

Ronda Skelton: I don’t tell many people outside of the hobby that I race R/C cars. They really don’t understand. Some people have seen me in the local newspapers and news stations and other R/C related T.V. shows.  I guess that gives them a better understanding of what I do in this hobby. You finished 5th at the 2009 Silver State Nitro Challenge in the new 1/8 buggy electric class. Do you think we will see more electric races in a near future?

Ronda Skelton: I would really like to see the 1/8th Electric class to take off!  If an individual does like tuning an engine, they can just plug in and go with electric!  Tekno RC has a line of awesome products.  Daniel from Tekno RC is great to work with and I would like to thank him for the opportunity to race one of there Mugen conversion kits at the 2009 Silver State. Now, let’s talk about your new ride. You had the chance to run the new Mugen MBX6T truggy. What are your first impressions?

Ronda Skelton: I finally have had a chance to run the Mugen MBX6-T and my first impression of the new truggy is it is lighter, more nimble, and better though the rough.   It almost feels like you are driving the MBX-6 buggy. 😉 How the MBX6T differs from the MBX5T?

Ronda Skelton: The MBX6-T is a completely different truck compared to the MBX5-T.  The MBX6-T seems to jump better, and accelerates quicker. Will you say that the new MBX6T is a smooth or a radical evolution?

Ronda Skelton: I would say the new MBX6-T has the same Mugen characteristics and style but now it’s new and improved.  It’s just what we needed to take it to the next level! Did you had to modify your driving style for the MBX6T?

Ronda Skelton: I think that the feel of the new truck is very similar to the MBX-6 Buggy.

Interview - Discover the new MBX6T with Ronda Skelton Articles Any special step new buyers should take care of when building the truggy?

Ronda Skelton: Read the manual carefully and hope you don’t  leave out any vital parts. J hee hee Do you have any special hints or tricks for those who will race the new MBX6T?

Ronda Skelton: When building a stock diffs they feel a little tight at first. I recommend breaking the diff in with a dog bone on a drill for about two minutes. What is your basic race setup?

Ronda Skelton: My basic set-up is stock set up sheet that comes with the kit with just a few minor changes like the 450 in the rear shocks. Diff oils are 7-10-3 and I have my upper front arms are all the way forward to reduce caster. Overall the new truck went together very smoothly. What races are next for you?

Ronda Skelton: The next races I will be attending are: JBRL Series, Kyosho Fall Classic, Sidewinder Nitro Explosion, and the Nitrohouse labor day race to name a few. And since, sponsors are a major part of the hobby/sport, who are your sponsors?

Ronda Skelton: My Sponsors are: Mugen Seiki, Ninja, Pro-line racing, Airtronics, Byrons Fuel, Upgrade, Avid Bearing, BCE products,, and Pyrographix Paint

Thanks Ronda for the interview and all the information concerning the new Mugen MBX6T. It is always a pleasure to hear from you.

To know more about the new Mugen MBX6T, please visit Mugen Racing at

MBX6T Features:


  • Hard anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis. The wheel base of the MBX6T is 10mm longer than the MBX5T. The corner speed has greatly improved as well as the overall stability of the MBX6T
  • New designed chassis braces. The front brace is designed and mounted on the chassis in a location that will best produce the most consistent steering. The rear chassis brace is located so that it will create the most traction and stability too.
  • New designed side guards will help keep dirt and dust from the inside of the Truggy.

Front suspension:

  • Quicker and more consistent steering is obtained with new aluminum front wheel hubs.
  • More rear traction while at full steering and overall control of the Truggy has been created with new upright steering arms and new ackerman geometry.
  • Overall corner speed and handling has been improved with the combination of new front upper and lower suspension arms.
  • Full aluminum pivot ball pivot balls are used for accurate suspension adjustments.

Rear suspension:

  • Rear traction has been increased the new designed aluminum wheel hubs.
  • The stability and traction in corning has increased with the new design of the rear suspension are as well and the improved shock location.
  • Mud guards that attach to the front of the suspension arm will help reduce dirt and mud attaching to the rear shocks.

Misc items:

  • Lightweight conical 46T gear
  • Bevel gear 10T
  • Lightweight 4mm graphite front shock tower
  • Lightweight 4mm graphite rear shock tower
  • Flexible rear body mounts to reduce damage to the MBX6T body
  • New designed down stop screw to reduce wear on the chassis
  • Throttle servo space to reduce damage to the servo
  • 150cc fuel tank

• Low profile MBX6T body



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  1. Awesome Interview. She is definitely an ambassador to the sport/hobby. Its like danica patrick. Shes so famous for being a girl in a man-dominant sport. Not only is she a girl in this sport, but she is one hell of a good driver!!!

    Keep it up Rhonda.

  2. i love u ronda!!!!!
    i am 14 years old and i drive same setups that u are driving!! 😀
    shame that you are married. 🙁 I LOVE YOU <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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