Adam Drake Interview – June 2008

Adam Drake Interview - June 2008 Articles
Everybody knows Adam Drake but I learned something more about him in this interview. This guy is a real pro !!!
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Adam Drake Interview – June 2008


MyRCBox.com: How did you start in R/C racing?
Adam Drake: I started racing when I was 14 years old. I got a Hot Shot when I was 8 or 9, but just played around with it in the backyard. I found out about parking lot racing at a local school and I’ve been hooked ever since.

MyRCBox.com: You always been with Team Losi, you race for them since the beginning. How will you explain this long relationship between you and Losi?
Adam Drake: I actually started racing with AE electric cars and trucks, but made the switch to Losi at the end of 1993. Then near the end of 1994 I got picked up by Losi on the 50% team. Losi was my first chassis sponsor. In 2000 I moved to CA. to work for Horizon Hobby / Losi in the R&D department and to help with the nitro program. I’m currently Team Development & Strategist Manager for Losi.

MyRCBox.com: Are you feeling part of the Losi family?
Adam Drake: The Horizon / Losi family has been great to me and I’m very proud to be a part of such a great company and family.

MyRCBox.com: Besides racing, what are your roles with Losi?
Adam Drake: Besides racing, I work with the engineering team to develop new vehicles and products. I also look over the race team and promotions.

MyRCBox.com: Few months ago, Gil Losi Jr left Team Losi, have you ever thought this could happen one day?
Adam Drake: It was very unexpected. Gil and I have worked together for so many years and have a great relationship.

MyRCBox.com: Congrats for your 5th place at the 2008 Buggy Nats. How have been the weekend and the race?
Adam Drake: Thanks! The week was awesome! I’m proud to be a part of the Losi / GRP team; we all work great together and had a very successful weekend.

MyRCBox.com: We will see you on the podium for the Worlds?
Adam Drake: I hope so! I have been working very hard and doing lots of testing.

MyRCBox.com: You are now racing with engines from GRP. Have you been involved in this project from the beginning?
Adam Drake: I wasn’t involved with the GRP engine project in the beginning, but I was able to do a lot of testing before making the switch. The support of everyone at GRP has been unreal. The quality of the product is better then an engine I’ve used. I have more power and better fuel consumption then I thought was possible.

MyRCBox.com: You raced almost all classes of R/C vehicles, what’s your favorite class? Why?
Adam Drake: 1/8th Off-Road Buggy (nitro). It’s the premier class and I love the noise.

MyRCBox.com: You are with a new girlfriend, any Mugen/Losi fight at home? J Or work is work and home is home?
Adam Drake: LOL! No Losi / Mugen fights, but I do try from time to time to get her to drive my buggy.

MyRCBox.com: How many hours do you practice/race per week?
Adam Drake: It really depends on what projects I’m working on and my race schedule, but I try to practice one night per week and club race once per week.

MyRCBox.com: What has RC racing taught you over the years?
Adam Drake: Patience and preparation is the most important thing R/C has taught me.

MyRCBox.com: Who has most influenced you in your career and why?
Adam Drake: My father has influenced me the most. At a very young age my father taught me that if you are going to do something, do it right and give 100%.

MyRCBox.com: In your race career, what is the achievement you are the most proud of?
Adam Drake: 2007 ROAR 1/8th buggy Nationals and the 2006 & 2008 Neo.

MyRCBox.com: Any words for those who want to start racing?
Adam Drake: Have fun and try to enjoy every min of it. Also don’t be shy, ask questions if you need help. adrake@horizonhobby.com

MyRCBox.com: Before a race, how do you prepare yourself? Do you have any special superstition?
Adam Drake: I always try to watch a couple of races to prepare myself and to checkout the change track conditions. I like to get away for a few minutes to clear my mind.

MyRCBox.com: After your race career, where do you see yourself, any specific projects?
Adam Drake: After racing I see myself continuing a career with Horizon Hobby. I love this industry and the company I work for and see myself do this for a very longtime.

MyRCBox.com: It is now time to “plug” your sponsors, who are they?
Adam Drake: Team Losi Racing, GRP, Nitrotane, Tempgun.com, Airtronics, Spektrum, Lunsford, MIP, JBL, Novak, Upgrade RD, Pacific Coast Hobbies, A Main Bodies, SkipGear, AvidRC, and TKO

MyRCBox.com: Who would like to me interview next? A special question for him/her?
Adam Drake: Mike Truhe. What did it feel like when you crossed the line to win the 2008 ROAR Nationals!

MyRCBox.com: Thanks for your precious time Adam; it’s been a real pleasure to interview you.
Adam Drake: Thank you, the pleasure is all mine. Adam.

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