Richard Saxton Interview – April 2008

Richard Saxton Interview - April 2008 Articles
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Richard Saxton Interview – April 2008



MyRCBox.com: How did you start in RC racing?
Richard Saxton: A friend who brought one home.

MyRCBox.com: What was your first RC car?
Richard Saxton: Losi electric truck.

MyRCBox.com: What is your preferred race class and why?
Richard Saxton: 1/8th nitro buggy, it is the most competitive world wide.

MyRCBox.com: How many hours do you practice/race per week?
Richard Saxton: I Try to run twice a week.

MyRCBox.com: What will be the future of RC in the next 5 years?
Richard Saxton: Electric seems to be making a come back, electric with long mains and bump ups.

MyRCBox.com: At your race level, do you still see RC as a hobby or more like an industry?
Richard Saxton: Always as a hobby, it is just such a fun thing to do, my worst day at the track is still fun.

MyRCBox.com: In the future, do you believe companies outside the RC industry will sponsor pro drivers?
Richard Saxton: Maybe, it really is up to the company that is interested, I feel that we are at the right spot and low cost for a great sponsor.

MyRCBox.com: What has RC racing taught you over the years?
Richard Saxton: I would say my people skills off of the track, on the track I get a little crazy sometimes.

MyRCBox.com: Who has most influenced you in your career and why?
Richard Saxton: Mark Pavidis, he has always helped me out and he has been one of my best friends for a long time.

MyRCBox.com: Any words for those who want to start racing?
Richard Saxton: PRACTICE, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

MyRCBox.com: In your race career, what is the achievement you are the most proud of?
Richard Saxton: Making A mains at the worlds, you do that and you know that you are one of the elite drivers.

MyRCBox.com: You must contact pro RC racers for a dream team, who do you call first?
Richard Saxton: I talk to Ryan Maifield, Kurt Wenger.

MyRCBox.com: Is there something you would like to change in RC?
Richard Saxton: ROAR, just use IFMAR as a guideline.

MyRCBox.com: Before a race, how do you prepare yourself? Do you have any special superstition?
Richard Saxton: I get really nervous so I stretch or try to get my heart rate up some how.

MyRCBox.com: After your race career, where do you see yourself, any specific projects?
Richard Saxton: Working at AE like i do now.

MyRCBox.com: How do you deal with the fact that many RC enthusiasts recognize you at race tracks?
Richard Saxton: I am honored, I love to talk to people.

MyRCBox.com: It is now time to “plug” your sponsors, who are they?
Richard Saxton: Team Associated, TQ fuel, Reedy, Factory team, Smith Optics, Lunsford, MIP, Robinson racing, Futaba, OS engines, LRP, Upgrade, M2C and Pro Line.

MyRCBox.com: Is getting sponsored have been difficult for you?
Richard Saxton: No.

MyRCBox.com: Beside RC, what are your others interests?
Richard Saxton: I love to watch supercross or go to a race, i have a girl friend that takes up sometime but my hobby is RC.

MyRCBox.com: What is next for you in the next years?
Richard Saxton: I will tell you in a few years, LOL.

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