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Pro-Line BullDog forward cab body

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Pro-Line BullDog forward cab body


Tim Clark and Ty Tessman from Pro-Line Racing talk BullDog forward cab body.

Pro-Line BullDog forward cab body Articles From what I’ve read on the web, Ty Tessman has tested the new BullDog body. Are there any other racers who have worked on the project?
Tim Clark: The project is definitely a collaboration that utilized input from Pro-Lines’ top three 1:8 off-road drivers. To start you have to go back to the BullDog 1:8 truck body that was developed closely with Ryan Cavalieri. We were then approached by Travis Amezcua and Ty Tessman who wanted to see the cab forward design applied to a buggy body. Travis had sent us some concept drawings and Ty spent some time at Pro-Line between the Nitro Challenge and Silver State races and we decided to get started. We chose to use the BullDog style and apply it to the buggy body. Ty was hands on in the shop with our toolmaker giving input on how he thought the body shape should flow based on recent testing he and his father had conducted. Once a rough pattern was complete, a body was pulled and rushed down to Revelation for testing with Ty and Travis which went far better than could have been expected. We proceeded to send images and test results to Ryan, who was in Japan at the time, in order to get a thumbs up on the final product. Finally, we were off to Vegas where all three drivers used the body to achieve impressive results, winning the 1:8 Pro Buggy Class. What are the advantages of the forward cab design body?
Ty Tessman: More off power steering and more stability, more corner speed. Does the Average Joe driver can take advantage of the new BullDog body?
Ty Tessman: I believe that anyone will be able to feel the difference, it is very noticeable in the handling.

Pro-Line BullDog forward cab body Articles The buggy’s bodies didn’t change for many years. Do you think racing has reached a point where every little details count like they never did in the past?
Ty Tessman: Yes I do, the buggy class has become so competitive that any little edge that a racer can get is necessary to be at the top. Did we reach a point of no return where high performance parts are mandatory for winning races at a higher level, even for talented racers?
Ty Tessman: I think that every company is looking to give their drivers an edge and if you don’t keep moving forward you are going to get left behind. I have to ask you this question because I have read it on several forums on the web. Are you not afraid to make buggy and truggy look almost identical?
Ty Tessman: First off I don’t think that the buggy and truggy look almost identical. For me the look of a body is important but performance is critical, racers are always trying to gain another 1/10 of a second a lap and if you can get that from a different body design than I think that is huge. It’s not like the current buggy bodies look like anything real anyway.

Pro-Line BullDog forward cab body Articles For which models will you offer the BullDog body first?
Tim Clark: Initial release will be the D8 and RC8 on April 1st and then the MBX6 and 8ight 2.0 approximately 2 weeks later. What will be the street price?
Tim Clark: Estimated at 28.95$

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