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Pro-Line Big Blox Interview

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Pro-Line Big Blox Interview


Two weeks ago, Pro-Line Racing has released a new racing tire, the Big Blox. With a long lasting tread design and offered in many different compounds, the new Big Blox extremely interesting.

As always, the folks at Pro-Line are always willing to answer my questions, it was the perfect timing to know more about the Big Blox. When did you start working on the Big Blox?
Pro-Line: First, I want to say thank you to for your questions and interest in Pro-Line products!  The Big Blox tire idea has been kicked around the Pro-Line offices for some time but we did not actually begin working on it until September. Is the Big Blox has been specially designed for the 2012 Worlds?
Pro-Line: Actually no, the Big Blox was not designed solely for the 2012 Worlds but we believe it has an excellent chance of working well at the 2012 Worlds Track in Argentina after attending the Worlds Warm-up Race.  The Big Blox fills an important gap in our 1/8 Buggy Race Tire line up for tracks that require either ultra-long lasting tread or require a very stable pin even in our M4 Super Soft Compound.  These situations are most often found in Europe, so I would say that the Big Blox is squarely aimed at the European market. Was the Big Blox tire ready for the pre-World? Did you finalize the design at the pre-World?
Pro-Line: The Design of the Big Blox was already finalized before we attended the pre-Worlds race and we had already started the in-house manufacturing of the mold.  But the tire was not ready to take with us to the pre-Worlds race. Few hours after you have posted the first picture of the Big Blox on Pro-Line’s Facebook page, a controversy happened on the web regarding the similarities with the AKA Enduro tire. What are your thoughts or comments about this controversy?
Pro-Line: Pro-Line has been in this business for 30 years, has more 1/8 Buggy World Championships than any other Tire Manufacturer in History and won an unprecedented 5X in a Row over a 10 year span.  We put every bit of that experience into making the Big Blox tire and any suggestion to the contrary is simply not true.  We are committed to making the very best tires, wheels, bodies and accessories in the RC industry and are putting everything we have into taking back our World Championship Crown at this year’s Worlds and will do the same at any future World’s race.  As always, Pro-Line has some aces up our sleeve above and beyond the Big Blox tire to give our drivers the best possible chance at winning the World Championships. Pro-Line Racing has the widest variety of tires on the market. In what does the Big Blox differs from your others race tires?
Pro-Line: The Big Blox has the largest sized lugs out of any of our current race tires (hence the name) and provides the longest wear and most stable pin.  The size, height, shape and spacing of the pins for any of the tires that Pro-Line makes is purposefully designed to provide racers optimum traction for a specific track condition.  The Big Blox is no different. On what kind of track surface does the Big Blox perform the best?
Pro-Line: The Big Blox is a true multi-surface tire and is a great option for the average club racer who is looking for awesome track performance combined with maximum tread life.  But we believe that our top level racers will choose the Big Blox over our other race tires for long A-Mains at high-speed, low traction tracks that require M3 Soft or M4 Super Soft rubber. Am I wrong to say that the Big Blox’ tread is a mix of all your best tires? The side pins remember me the Blockade while the center lugs look similar to a Bow-Tie/Crime Fighter pattern.
Pro-Line: We purposefully paid homage to some of our best performing tires of all time when developing the Big Blox – the Bow-Tie, the Crime Fighter and the Blockade.  Customers can expect great performance based on this DNA. Any plans for a truggy or a short course Big Blox version?
Pro-Line: We love expanding successful tread patterns across categories, so anything is possible!


Thanks again to for giving us the opportunity to answer your questions!


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