Team Associated B5-B5M-B6-B6D parts compatibility list Articles

Team Associated B5-B5M-B6-B6D parts compatibility list

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Here’s a complete list of all the parts interchangeable between the B5, B5M, B6 and B6D.

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Part #ItemRC10B5RC10B5MRC10B6RC10B6D
716Reedy 2009 Sticker Setx
1105FT Green Slime Shock Lubexxx
1111FT Turnbuckle Wrench, aluminumxxxx
1282FT Blue Titanium Turnbuckle Set, 2.00 inx
1335FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 17T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1336FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 18T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1337FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 19T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1338FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 20T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1339FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 21T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1340FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 22T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1341FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 23T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1342FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 24T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1343FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 25T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1344FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 26T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1345FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 27T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1346FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 28T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1347FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 29T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1348FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 30T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1349FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 31T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1350FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 32T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1351FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 33T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1352FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 34T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1353FT Aluminum Pinion Gear, 35T 48P, 1/8 shaftxxxx
1364FT Aluminum Servo Horn 23T, 15.5 mmxx
1366FT Aluminum Servo Horn 25T, 15.5 mmxx
1405FT Blue Titanium Turnbuckle, 48 mm/1.875 inxxx
1406FT Blue Titanium Turnbuckle, 51 mm/2.00 inx
1409FT Blue Titanium Turnbuckle, 25.5 mm/1.00 inxx
1449FT Off Road Ride Height Gaugexxxx
1500FT 1.5 mm Hex Driverxxxx
1501FT 2.0 mm Hex Driverxxxx
1502FT 2.0 mm Ball Hex Driverxxxx
1503FT 2.5 mm Hex Driverxxxx
1504FT 2.5 mm Ball Hex Driverxxxx
1507FT 5.5 mm Nut Driverxxxx
1508FT 7.0 mm Nut Driverxxxx
1510FT 1.5 mm Hex Replacement Tipxxxx
1511FT 2.0 mm Hex Replacement Tipxxxx
1512FT 2.0 mm Ball Replacement Tipxxxx
1513FT 2.5 mm Hex Replacement Tipxxxx
1514FT 2.5 mm Ball Replacement Tipxxxx
1518FT Hex Driver Tool Set, 3pc.xxxx
1519FT Hex/Nut Driver Tool Set, 5pc.xxxx
1541Factory Team Hex Driver setxx
1568FT 5.5 mm Short Nut Driverxxxx
1569FT 7 mm Nut Driver, T-Handlexxxx
1570Factory Team 7.0 mm Short Nut Driverxxxx
1596FT Locking Adhesivexxx
1597Factory Team Tire Adhesive, medium viscosityxxx
1655FT 8-Piece 1/4 in Hex Driver Setxx
16561/4 in Driver Handle, without tipsxx
16591/4  Hex Driver Bit, 5/64 in/2.0 mm standardxx
16611/4 in Hex Driver Bit, 1.5 mm standardxx
16621/4 in Hex Driver Bit, 2.5 mm standardxx
16661/4 in Nut Driver Bit, 5.5 mmxx
16671/4 in Nut Driver Bit, 7.0 mmxx
16691/4 in Ball Driver Bit, 5/64 in/2.0 mmxx
16711/4 in Screwdriver Bit, flatxx
16731/4 in Ball Driver Bit, 2.5 mmxx
1674FT 1/4 in 5-Piece Power Tool Tips Setxx
1675Factory Team Shock Shaft Pliersxxxx
1679FT T-Handle Ratchet Driverxxxx
1734FT Body Clips, metallic bluexx
1735Long Body Clips, bluexx
1736FT Body Clips, metallic blue. Short.xx
3816American R/C Racer Bumper Sticker decal, colorx
3820AE logo decal sheet, black and whitex
3834AE Blue Embossed Logo Stickerx
4187Nylon Spacers, 1/32 in. (.030 in)xxxx
4617Front Bulkhead Shimsxxxx
4670Set Screws, 3×0.5×8 mmxx
4671Set Screws, 3×0.5×10 mmxx
4675Screws, 2.5×0.45×6 in FHCSxx
4689Set Screws, 3×16 mmxx
5407Red O-Ringsxx
5420Silicone Shock Fluid, 10wtxxxx
5421Silicone Shock Fluid, 20wtxxxx
5422Silicone Shock Fluid, 30wtxxxx
5423Silicone Shock Fluid, 40wtxxxx
5424Silicone Shock Fluid 22.5wt (238 cSt)xxxx
5425Silicone Shock Fluid, 80wtxxxx
5426Silicone Shock Fluid 27.5wt (313 cSt)xxxx
5427Silicone Shock Fluid, 15wtxxxx
5428Silicone Shock Fluid, 25wtxxxx
5429Silicone Shock Fluid, 35wtxxxx
5430Silicone Shock Fluid, 45wt/575 cStxxxx
5431Silicone Shock Fluid, 55wt/725 cStxxxx
5432Silicone Shock Fluid 32.5wt (388 cSt)xxxx
5433Silicone Shock Fluid, 37.5wt (463 cSt)xxxx
5434Silicone Shock Fluid 42.5wt (538 cSt)xxxx
5435Silicone Shock Fluid, 50wtxxxx
5436Silicone Shock Fluid, 60wtxxxx
5437Silicone Shock Fluid, 70wtxxxx
5438Silicone Shock Fluid 47.5wt (613 cSt)xxxx
5444Silicone Diff Fluid, 4,000 cStxx
5446Silicone Diff Fluid, 6,000 cStxx
5447Silicone Diff Fluid, 15,000 cStxx
5448Silicone Diff Fluid, 80,000 cStxx
5450Silicone Diff Fluid, 1,000 cStxxxx
5451Silicone Diff Fluid, 2,000 cStxxxx
5452Silicone Diff Fluid, 3,000 cStxxxx
5453Silicone Diff Fluid, 5,000 cStxxxx
5454Silicone Diff Fluid, 7,000 cStxxxx
5455Silicone Diff Fluid, 10,000 cStxxxx
5456Premium Silicone Diff Fluid, 20,000 cStxxxx
5457Silicone Diff Fluid, 30,000 cStxxxx
5458Silicone Diff Fluid, 60,000 cStxxxx
5459Silicone Diff Fluid, 100,000 cStxxxx
5461Silicone Diff Fluid, 200,000 cStxx
5463Silicone Diff Fluid, 500,000 cStxx
5465Silicone Diff Fluid, 1,000,000 cStxx
6263Turnbuckles, 2.06 inxx
6299E-Clips, 1/8xx
6338Antenna Tube, 12″xxxx
6573Diff Thrust Washer and Boltxxxx
6574Diff Thrust Balls, 5/64 inxxxx
6575Diff Thrust Bolt partsxxxx
6581Carbide Diff Balls, 3/32 inxxxx
6582Diff Thrust Springxxxx
6584Ceramic Diff Balls, 3/32 inxxxx
6588Black Grease, 4ccxxx
6591Silicone Diff Lube, 4ccxxx
6636Silicone Grease, 4ccx
6727Servo Tapex
7337Washers, .250 x .125 x .015xxxx
7485FT V2 Slipper Hubsxxxx
7495FT Vented V2 Slipper Hubxxx
7666Diff Drive Rings, 2.60:1xxxx
7677Diff Rebuild Kitxxxx
8253Precision Machined Pinion Gear, 16T 48Pxx
8254Precision Machined Pinion Gear, 17T 48Pxx
8255Precision Machined Pinion Gear, 18T 48Pxx
8256Precision Machined Pinion Gear, 19T 48Pxx
8257Precision Machined Pinion Gear, 20T 48Pxx
8258Precision Machined Pinion Gear, 21T 48Pxx
8259Precision Machined Pinion Gear, 22T 48Pxx
8260Precision Machined Pinion Gear, 23T 48Pxx
8261Precision Machined Pinion Gear, 24T 48Pxx
8263Precision Machined Pinion Gear, 26T 48Pxx
8264Pinion Gear, 27T 48Pxx
8265Pinion Gear, 28T 48Pxx
8266Pinion Gear, 29T 48Pxx
8267Pinion Gear, 30T 48Pxx
8268Pinion Gear, 31T 48Pxx
8269Pinion Gear, 32T 48Pxx
8270Pinion Gear, 33T 48Pxx
8271Pinion Gear, 34T 48Pxx
8272Pinion Gear, 35T 48Pxx
9180Servo Horns, moldedxxxx
9603Slipper Padsxxxx
9648Spur Gear, 69T 48Pxxxx
9649Spur Gear, 72T 48Pxxxx
9650Spur Gear, 75T 48Pxxxx
9651Spur Gear, 81T 48Pxxxx
9652Spur Gear, 78T 48Pxxxx
9653Spur Gear, 84T 48Pxxxx
9690Buggy Front Hex Wheels, whitexxxx
9691Buggy Front Hex Wheels, yellowxxxx
96935 Set Buggy Hex Wheels, whitexx
96945 Set Buggy Hex Wheels, yellowxx
9695Buggy Rear Hex Wheels, whitexxxx
9696Buggy Rear Hex Wheels, yellowxxxx
969810 Set Buggy Hex Wheels, whitexx
9739Slipper Springxxxx
9787FT Chassis Protective Sheetx
9831SC10 Gear Diff O-Ring Setxx
21173Body Clipsxx
25187Screws, 3×14 mm BHCSxxx
25188Screws, 3×20 mm BHSSxx
25189Screws, 3×22 mm BHCSxx
25201Screws, 3×8 mm FHCSxxxx
25202Screws, 3×10 mm FHCSxxxx
25203Screws, 3×12 mm FHCSxxxx
25204Screws, 3×16 mm FHCSxxx
25211Screws, 3×10 mm BHCSxxxx
25215Locknuts, M3xxx
25225Set Screws, 3×3 mmxxxx
25237Bearings, 5x10x4 mmxx
25238Bearings, 6x12x4 mmxx
25392FT Locknuts, 3 mm, aluminumxxxx
25612Locknuts, M3 with flangexxxx
25616Bearings, 10x15x4 mmxx
27304Reedy LiPo Battery Weight Setxxxx
31283Ballstuds, long, 5 mmxx
31284Ballstuds, long, 8 mmxx
31286Ballstud Washers, aluminumxxxx
31327VCS3 Shock Bottom Capsxxxx
31400Bearings, 5×8 mmxxxx
31510Screws, 2×0.4×4 mm BHCSxxxx
31520Screws, 2.5×0.45×6 mm BHCSxx
31521Screws, M2.5 x 8 BHCSxx
31530Screws, 3×0.5×5 mm BHCSxx
31531Screws, 3×0.5×6 mm BHCSxxx
31532Screws, 3×0.5×8 mm BHCSxxxx
31550FT Locknuts, M3, aluminumx
71014Clamping Wheel Hexes, 8.5mmxx
71019Heavy Duty CVA Axlesx
89007Steering Servo Hornsx
89009Servo Support Ring & Washerxxxx
89202Screws, 3×12 mm BHCSxxxx
89203Screws, 3×16 mm BHCSxx
89204Screws, 3×24 mm BHCSxxxx
89208Screws, 3×14 mm FHCSx
89209Screws, 3×18 mm FHCSx
89218Washers, 3×8 mmxxxx
89222Screws, 2.5×8 mm SHCSx
90000RC10B5M Factory Lite Team Kitx
90002RC10B5M Champions Edition Kitx
90003RC10B5M Team Kitx
90011RC10B6 Team Kitx
90012RC10B6D Team Kitxx
910114×4 Idler Gear Shaftxx
91047Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 6 mmxxxx
91048Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 8 mmxxxx
91049Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 10mmxxxx
91050Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 12 mmxx
910894×4 Belt Cover Capxxxx
91118FT TiN Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 6 mmxxxx
91119FT TiN Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 8 mmxxxx
91120FT TiN Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 10 mmxxxx
91121FT TiN Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 12 mmxx
911324×4 FT Idler Shafts, aluminumxxxx
91148Locknuts, M4, with flange and knurlxxxx
91175FT VTS Slipper Conversionxxxx
91176VTS Slipper Housingxxxx
91177VTS Slipper Padsxxxx
91178VTS Slipper Platexxxx
91179FT VTS Slipper Hub, outerxxxx
9130412 mm Threaded Collarsxxxx
9130812 mm Shock Pistonsxx
9131012 mm Shock Spring Cupsxxxx
9132512mm Front Springs, brown, 2.85 lbxxxx
9132612mm Front Springs, black, 3.00 lbxxxx
9132712mm Front Springs, green, 3.15 lbxxxx
9132812mm Front Springs, white, 3.30 lbxxxx
9132912mm Front Springs, gray, 3.45 lbxxxx
9133012mm Front Springs, blue, 3.60 lbxxxx
9133112mm Front Springs, yellow, 3.75 lbxxxx
9133212mm Front Springs, red, 3.90 lbxxxx
9133312mm Front Springs, orange, 4.05 lbxxxx
9133412mm Front Springs, purple, 4.20 lbxxxx
9133512mm Rear Springs, black, 1.90 lbxxxx
9133612mm Rear Springs, green, 2.00 lbxxxx
9133712mm Rear Springs, white, 2.10 lbxxxx
9133812mm Rear Springs, gray, 2.20 lbxxxx
9133912mm Rear Springs, blue, 2.30 lbxxxx
9134012mm Rear Springs, yellow, 2.40 lbxxxx
9134112 mm Front Soft Spring Kit (3 pair)xxxx
9134212 mm Front Medium Spring Kit (3 pair)xxxx
9134312 mm Front Hard Spring Kit (3 pair)xxxx
9134412 mm Rear Soft Spring Kit (3 pair)xxxx
9134512 mm Rear Medium Spring Kit (3 pair)xxxx
91361Chassis, hardx
91362Top Platexx
91363Top Plate (hard)xx
91365Brass Bulkhead, 25 deg.xx
91366Brass Bulkhead, 30 deg.xx
91367FT Aluminum Bulkhead, 25 deg.xx
91368FT Aluminum Bulkhead, 30 deg.xx
91369FT Front Bulkhead Weight, 15gxx
91371Front Hinge Pin Bracexx
91372Aluminum Front Pin Bracexx
91373Front Tower (use with flat arms)xx
91374Front Tower, hard (use with flat arms)xx
91375Rear Towerx
91376Rear Tower (hard)x
91377Chassis Bracex
91378Chassis Brace (hard)x
91379Chassis Platex
91380Receiver Mountx
91382Arm Mount Setx
91383Aluminum Arm Mount (C)x
91385Arm Mount Insertsxx
91387Aluminum Arm Mount (D)x
91389Arm Mount Inserts (D)xx
91391Steering Setxx
91392Aluminum Steering Setxx
91394Hinge Pin Setxx
91395TiN HINGE PIN SET, B5xx
91398Front Arms, flatxx
91399Front Arms, flat (hard)xx
91400Caster Blocksxx
91401Caster Blocks (hard)xx
91402Caster Block Bushingsxx
91403Caster Block Bushings, offsetxx
91404Steering Blocksxx
91405Steering Blocks (hard)xx
91406Front Axlesxx
91407Front Axle Crush Tubesxx
91408Front Axles, clamp hexxx
91409Clamping Hexes, frontxx
91410Front Bumperxx
91411Aluminum Front Axlesx
91412Rear Armsxx
91413Rear Arms (hard)xx
91414Rear Hubsxx
91415Rear Hubs (hard)xx
91416Rear Hub Link Nutsxx
91419Diff Gearxxxx
91420Ball Diff Outdrivesxx
91421Ball Diff Kitxx
91423Slipper Spring Adapterxxxx
91425Top Shaftxx
91426Top Shaft Spacerxx
91427Aluminum Top Shaftxx
91428Motor Plate, bluexx
91429Idler Gearxx
91432Motor Guardx
91433Wing and Rear Body Mountx
91435Gear Cover, blackxx
91436CVA/Wheel Hex Pinsxx
91437CVA Axlesxx
91438CVA Rebuild Kitxxxx
91439CVA Bonesxxxx
91440CVA Kitxx
91441Wheel Hexes, rearxx
91442Clamping Hexes, rearxx
91443Servo Mountxx
91445Shock Bushings, compositexx
91446Shock Bushings, aluminumxx
91447Shock Bushing Ballsxxxx
91448Shock Pivot Ball Endsxx
9144912 mm V2 Composite Shock Capsxxxx
9145012 mm V2 Aluminum Shock Capsxxxx
91451Heavy-Duty Ballstuds, 4 mmxxxx
91452Heavy-Duty Ballstuds, 4 mm, TiNxxxx
91453Heavy-Duty Ball Cup Set, smallxx
91455Steering Linkxx
91456Composite Battery Strapx
91457Graphite Battery Strapx
91458Battery Strap Thumbwheelsxx
91459Battery Spacersx
91461Gear Diff Kitxx
91462Gear Diff Gear, Coverxxxx
91463Gear Diff Rebuildxxxx
91464FT Aluminum Gear Diff Coverxxxx
91465Gear Diff Outdrivexxxx
91468Factory Team Anti-Roll Bar Kitx
91470RC10B5 Body, clearx
91471Wing, clear (B5, B5M)xx
91472RC10B5 Decal Sheetx
91475Bearings, 3x7x3 mmxxxx
91476Bearings, 6x13x5 mmxx
91477Nuts, M3 blackxx
91478Screws, 3×0.5×30 mm BHCSxx
9148012×23 mm V2 Shock Bodiesxxxx
9148112.27.5 V2 Shock Bodiesxx
9148212×31 mm V2 Shock Bodiesxx
914883×21 mm Shock Shaftsxx
914893×27.5 mm Shock Shaftsxx
9149112 mm V2 Shock Rebuildxxxx
9149212 mm V2 Bleeder Gasketsxxxx
91493Factory Team Low Friction X-Ringsxxxx
9149412mm Machined Shock Spacers, V2xx
9149512 mm V2 X-Ring Rebuild Kitxxxx
9149612x23B/21S V2 Shock Kitxxxx
9149812x31B/27.5S V2 Shock Kitxxxx
91510B5M Chassisx
91511Chassis, B5M-FLx
91512Chassis Platex
91513Chassis Plate (hard)x
91514Chassis Cradlex
91515Chassis Cradle (hard)x
91516Front Shock Tower (use with gull wing arms)xx
91517Front Shock Tower, hard (use with gull wing arms )xx
91518Rear Tower/Mountx
91519Rear Tower/Mount (hard)x
91520Rear Ballstud Mountx
91521Chassis Bracex
91522Aluminum Arm Mount (C)x
91523Brass Arm Mount (C)x
91524Aluminum Arm Mount (D)x
91525Brass Arm Mount (D)x
91526Front Arms, gull wingxx
91527Front Arms, gull wing (hard)xx
91528Rear Armsx
91529Rear Arm (hard)x
91530Gear Boxx
91531Wing, Body Mount, Bumperx
91532Composite Arm Mount Setx
91533Shock Bushings, shortxxx
91534Battery Strapx
91535Factory Team Anti-Roll Bar Kit, B5Mx
91536Battery Foamsx
91537RC10B5M Decal Sheetx
91538RC10B5M Body, clearx
91539B5 to B5M Conversion Kitx
91540B5M to B5 Conversion Kitx
91541FT Screws, 3×14 mm BHCS, blue aluminumxx
91542FT Screws, 3×16 mm BHCS, blue aluminumxx
91543B5 Aluminum Screw Setx
91544Aluminum Screw Setx
91545Graphite Battery Strapx
91546Factory Team Milled Motor Plate, blackxx
91547Factory Team Milled Motor Plate, bluexx
91548Aluminum Rear Hubs, bluexx
91549Aluminum Rear Hubs, blackxx
91550Rear Hub Bearing Insertsxx
91552Gear Box, V2x
91553Factory Team Bearing Kit V2, B5/B5Mxxxx
91560FT Bearings, 5x10x4 mmxxxx
91561FT Bearings, 6x12x4 mmxx
91562FT Bearings, 6x13x5 mmxxxx
91563FT Bearings, 10x15x4 mmxxxx
9157061mm Rear Buggy Wheels, whitexxxx
9157161mm Rear Buggy Wheels, yellowxxxx
9157261mm Front 2WD Buggy Wheels, whitexxxx
9157361mm Front 2WD Buggy Wheels, yellowxxxx
91576FT 12×23 mm FOX Shock Bodies with Genuine Kashima Cxxxx
91577FT 12×27.5 mm FOX Shock Bodies with Genuine Kashima Coat, V2, threadedxx
91578FT 12×31 mm FOX Shock Bodies with Genuine Kashima Cxx
91580Ti Screws, 3×6 mm BHCSxxxx
91581Ti Screws, 3×8 mm BHCSxxxx
91582Ti Screws, 3×10 mm BHCSxxxx
91583Ti Screws, 3×12 mm BHCSxxxx
91584Ti Screws, 3×14 mm BHCSxxxx
91585Ti Screws, 3×16 mm BHCSxx
91587Ti Screws, 3×20 mm BHCSxx
91588Ti Screws, 3×22 mm BHCSxx
91589Ti Screws, 3×24 mm BHCSxxxx
91592Ti Screws, 3×8 mm FHCSxxxx
91593Ti Screws, 3×10 mm FHCSxxxx
91594Ti Screws, 3×12 mm FHCSxxxx
91595Ti Screws, 3×14 mm FHCSxx
91596Ti Screws, 3×16 mm FHCSxxxx
91600Ti Screw Setx
91601Ti Screw Set, RC10B5x
91602FT Front Motor Plate, black, 3 gearx
91603FT Front Motor Plate, blue, 3 gearx
91604B5M Gear Cover, 3 gearx
91605CVA Axle Shimsx
91606FT Aluminum Top Shaft V2x
91607B5M Gearbox, 3 gearx
91608Factory Team Aluminum Arm Mount, +4mm, C, Bx
91609Factory Team Clamping Wheel Hexes, 5.0mmxxx
91610Clamping Wheel Hexes, 7.0mmxxx
91611Screws, 1.6×5 mm SHCSxxx
91612Heavy-Duty CVA Kitxxx
91613RC10B5M-FL Decal Sheetx
91614RC10B5 Series Decal Sheetxx
916153×21 mm Shock Shafts (V2), TiNxxxx
91616FT 3×21 mm Shock Shafts (V2), Chromexxxx
916193×27.5 mm Shock Shafts (V2), TiNxxxx
91620FT 3×27.5 mm Shock Shafts (V2), Chromexxxx
91626FT 12mm Pistons (V2), 2×1.6 mm, flatxxxx
91628FT 12mm Pistons (V2), 3×1.4 mm, flatxxxx
91630FT 12mm Pistons (V2), Blank, flatxxxx
91631FT 12mm Pistons (V2), 3×1.4 mm, taperedxxxx
91633FT 12mm Pistons (V2), Blank, taperedxxxx
9163412mm Shock Pistons, V2xx
91650B6 Chassisxx
91652B6 Side Railsxx
91654B6 Top Platexx
91655B6 Front Ballstud Mountxx
91656B6 Bulkheadxx
91658B6 Aluminum Bulkheadxx
91659B6 Brass Bulkheadxx
91661B6 Front Shock Tower, flatxx
91663B6 Front Shock Tower, gull wingxx
91665B6 Rear Towerxx
91667B6 Steering Assemblyxx
91668B6 Aluminum Steering Bellcrankxx
91669B6 Aluminum Steering Rackxx
91670B6 Hinge Pin Setxx
91671B6 Flat Front Armsxx
91672B6 Flat Front Arms, hardxx
91673B6 Gull Wing Front Armsxx
91674B6 Gull Wing Front Arms, hardxx
91675B6 Caster Blocksxx
91676B6 Caster Hat Bushingsxx
91677B6 Steering Blocksxx
91679B6 Steering Block Armsxx
91682B6 Front Axlesxx
91683B6 Titanium Front Axlesxx
91685B6 Bumpersxx
91686B6 Aluminum Arm Mount, Cxx
91687B6 Brass Arm Mount, Cxx
91688B6 Aluminum Arm Mount, Dxx
91690B6 Brass Arm Mount C, 25gx
91692B6 Rear Gearbox Bracexx
91693B6 Rear Ballstud Mountxx
91695B6 Rear Armsxx
91696B6 Rear Arms, hardxx
91697B6 Rear Hubsxx
91698B6 Rear Hub Link Nutsxx
91701B6 Differential Outdrivesxx
91702B6 Ball Differential Kitxx
91703B6 Gear Differential Kitxx
91706B6 Standup Gearbox, 3-gearxx
91707B6 Standup Gearbox, 4-gearxx
91708B6 Laydown Gearboxxx
91709B6 Chassis Bracesxx
91710B6 Top Shaftxx
91711B6 Gear Cover, 4-gearxx
91712B6 Gear Cover, 3-gearxx
91713B6 Standup Motor Plate, 3-gearxx
91714B6 Standup Motor Plate, 4-gearxx
91715B6 Laydown Motor Platexx
91716B6 Idler Gear, 39T, laydownxx
91717B6 Idler Gear, 26T, standupxx
91718B6 Wing/Body Mountxx
91719B6 Servo Mountsxx
91720B6 Shock Bushings, longxx
91721B6 Shock Eyeletsxx
91722B6 Ballcupsxx
91723Turnbuckles, 3×48 mmxx
91724B6 Steering Linkxx
91729B6 Thumbscrewsxx
91730B6 Battery Tray Shoulder Screwsxx
91731B6 Battery Strapxx
91734B6 Battery Foamsxx
91735B6 Front Anti-roll Bar Kitxx
91736B6 Rear Anti-roll Bar Kitxx
91738Nuts, M4 Serrated Nutsxx
91739B6 Body, clearxx
91740B6 Lightweight Body, clearxx
91741B6 Wingxx
91742B6 Decal Sheetxx
91743Adhesive Hook and Loopxx
91745B6 Aluminum Chassis Weight, 9gxx
91746B6 Aluminum Chassis Weight, 13gxx
91747B6 Steel Chassis Weight, 25gxx
91748B6 Steel Chassis Weight, 40gxx
91749Screws, M2x3 mm FHCSxx
91750HD Ti Ballstuds, 4mmxx
91751HD Ti Ballstuds, 6mmxx
91752HD Ti Ballstuds, 8mmxx
91753HD Ti Ballstuds, 10mmxx
92014Arm Mount Insertsxx
90001BLimited Edition RC10B5 Team Kit with B5M Conversionx
90002CB5M to B5MCE Conversion Kitx
MLP10R0MyLaps Hybrid (2-wire) Transponderxx
MLP10R1MyLaps RC4 (3-wire) Transponderxx
MLP40R2MyLaps Transponder Holderxx
SP425Factory Team Fluid Carrierxx

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