I fell back in love with my gas truck! My Words

I fell back in love with my gas truck!

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I fell back in love with my gas truck!


After more than a year on the shelf to collect dust, I have started my Team Associated RC10GT2 last weekend. The truck was still dirty from its last ride. A lot of packed dirt on the chassis and in the suspensions didn’t stop my truck from starting on the first try. Yeah, without the use of after run oil, the little Novarossi NS12TSR1 engine fired up quickly and immidiately idled like a charm. All this with a super dirty air filter!

I didn’t run my GT2 on the track, I ran it just for fun in my backyard and on the street. The little .12 engine still has all its power and speed and made my GT2 flied on the grass and on the dirt. With wheelie on demand power, throttle control is mandatory when driving a gas truck and this is why I so much love my GT2. I usually have a heavy finger but with my GT2 it is all different, I feel more connected with the GT2 than with any others trucks I own. With all this power in such a light truck, I didn’t resist to make high speed passes in the backyard.  In a section of my backyard, the terrain is not level so it was possible to jump the truck. That’s exactly what I did and like a kid, I had a blast running the truck during a full hour until I broke a front a-arm LOL!

My GT2 is now sitting on its starter box with its right front wheel hanging by the camber link. The truck is too much fun to drive, I’ve ordered RPM’s front a-arm this morning. I don’t plan to let my truck sits on the shelf like I did during the last year.

Gas trucks were very popular few years ago, unfortunately, they have disappeared from the race tracks and no one seems to be interested by them anymore. That’s sad, I really love them.


Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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2 thoughts on “I fell back in love with my gas truck!

  1. Me too, I got my GT2 out the other day and had a blast with it, more fun with it than I ever had with my buggy or truggy. I wonder why people quit running them, they were easy to work on and they were cheaper to operate, I don’t get it and will not understand why 1/10 scale gas truck died at the track. I’m thinking about starting to take the GT2 to races again and see if there are anyone else who bring them, I think that a couple of guys still have them and to start a class back we need at least 3 so lets hope that they bring them and get the class started back.

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