Are carpet racers better drivers? My Words

Are carpet racers better drivers?

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Have you ever watched a carpet race? These cars go at an incredible speed and seem to be hooked to the track by a giant magnet. From my point of view, I believe carpet racing is the most demanding kind of R/C races. All the cars are going very fast on a relatively narrow track where passing an opponent is almost impossible and complex.

I have no experience with carpet racing but every time I watch one of these races on YouTube, I’m always amazed. How they can go that fast without hitting the wall? What is the trick to stay focused on the race at this point? The cars seem to be programmed for a specific race line and they never get out of the line.

Carpet racing requires a lot of nerves, patience, and skill. And this explains why I’m not one of those racers. All my respects for the carpet racers, you guys will always impress me!

I have found this video of the 2010 Snowbird Nationals Modified Rubber Touring Car A-Main on YouTube. Watch the cars, this is amazing.

So, are carpet racers better drivers?


Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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2 thoughts on “Are carpet racers better drivers?

  1. Maybe not “better” but “different.” Carpet racers do have to be incredibly precise with fast cars, but they’re racing on a nearly-perfect surface. Their reaction times need to be consistently faster since they see corners more frequently at higher speeds, but they rarely have to “catch” a car that’s gotten out of shape, which happens frequently in off-road.

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