Bye bye gas trucks…

Bye bye gas trucks... My Words

Back in the middle of the 90’s, my first 2wd gas truck was a Team Associated RC10GT with the black tub chassis. My truck was equipped with an OS .12CZ engine and standard Futaba servos. Believe it or not, the nitro stadium trucks were the heavy metal class at this time. Everyone wanted to run nitro stadiums trucks because of the noise, of the smoke and the feeling of driving a nitro powered truck.

Bye bye gas trucks... My Words

Unfortunately, things have changed. Today, gas trucks have deserted race tracks and have been replaced by 1/8th scale buggy and truggy which attract more people to the race tracks because they are a lot more easier to drive and more durable. The gain in popularity of the 1/8th vehicles is a good thing for the industry and the hobby. The sad thing is that the gas trucks and the 1/10th scale classes in general have suffered from this popularity. People who were racing 1/10th in the past are now racing 1/8th.

A did few researches on the web for 1/10th 2wd gas trucks. From the race leaders of the past, only Team Associated still sells the RG10GT2. Losi and Mugen are no more present in this class. Luckily, companies like HPI and Traxxas are still offering 2wd gas trucks but they are more for bashers than “die hard” racers.

Bye bye gas trucks... My Words

Even finding a good .12 nitro engine for one of these trucks is getting difficult. Recently, OS Engines has discontinued their OS .12TG engine which was one of the smoothest engines for this category of trucks.

Will the 2wd gas trucks will be back one day? It is hard to say. In fact, unfortunately for guys like me who preferred the 2wd trucks, I think they will never come back.

Few years ago, I’ve sold my RC10GT thinking this class was done for me. Two weeks later, I was buying another one because I can’t live without having a GT. I’m still having a GT2 FT that I run once and a while on race tracks and in my backyard. I’m on the way to get a RTR and another GT2 Factory Team soon… Just for the nostalgia!

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