OS Speed 19XZ-B Engine

Every week, a new nitro engine hits the market but this time this is a different story. In fact, OS has introduced their new OS Speed 19XZ-B (3.1cc) engine as an alternative for racers who prefer to sacrifice a little performance for a better mileage. Even if the new OS 19XZ-B has smaller displacement than .21 engines, its specifications are also comparable to many budget priced .21 engines. OS claims the new 19XZ-B good for 2.3HP@34 000RPM with a max RPM of 40 000. Not bad for a .19 engine!

At first, I’ve thought the engine will lack of power on a large track but the claimed 40K RPM must be enough to follow the pace. However, I don’t know if the engine has enough torque to clear big jumps where big accelerations are required. On a slippery track, the smooth power of the .19 engine will reduce wheels spin and will simply make the buggy easier to control and increase traction.

Now, we all have to wait to see how this engine will compare on a real track with others high performance .21 engines. If the results are good with less power and more runtime, be ready to see more .19 engines hitting the tracks.

At least, OS Engines now offers brilliant an alternative to the common .21 engine. I just hope the price tag will be reasonable.


OS Speed 19XZ-B Engine My Words

For more information, visit www.osengines.com

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