The Thunder Tiger ST-1 is still alive!

Few years back, the Thunder Tiger ST-1 was my racing truck. This was before Team Associated releases the RC8T at the end of the 2007 year. Since, my ST-1 has been collecting dust on a shelf and few months ago, I have decided to sell it. I’ve wrote many articles and reviews about the Thunder Tiger ST-1. My ST-1 was a reliable truggy that has resisted many abuses and spectacular crashes.


Last week, I was checking my web site’s statistics and I’ve discovered that people was still looking for information about the ST-1. The ST-1 was in the list of the top search keywords that brings visitors to my website. Visitors are mainly from Europe where Thunder Tiger is more popular than in North America. Unfortunately, the ST-1 is no more raced at major races. The newest truggies have a longer wheelbase, better suspension and direction and are faster. However, it is good to know that many racers and bashers from all around the world are still using the ST-1.

Long life to the Thunder Tiger ST-1!!!

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