Where are the engines for the RC10GT2?

Where are the engines for the RC10GT2? My Words

Bad news, the popular OS .12TG engine with rotary carburetor is now discontinued, at least this is what I’ve seen on Tower Hobbies’ website. This limits the rear exhaust engines selection for the GT2. We you can install a side exhaust engine on your GT2 by installing a side header. However, I really like the rear exhaust engines. They develop higher RPM and I like to hear my GT2 screaming in the stretches at wide opened throttle.

If you are like me and you prefer rear exhaust engines, the options are minimal when it is time to buy a .12 rear exhaust engine with a rotary carburetor. So far, there are still few Novarossi NS12TSR1 engines available at different online stores or at EBay (around 100$us). I also found a SH PT12R02 (120$us) engine on SH’s website but I have absolutely no more information about this engine. The best choice in the .12 rear exhaust rotary carburetor engine is the Platinum .12RE. It still available at Horizon Hobby and at many different online stores. This little mill have a lot of power and it is only 140$us. That is a bargain, anyway, it will be my next engine for my GT2.

Where are the engines for the RC10GT2? My Words

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