Dynamite LiPo Glow Driver with Battery and Charger

Dynamite LiPo Glow Driver with Battery and Charger My Words

Today for My Words section, I’ve decided to give an award to Dynamite for their new LiPo glow driver. I don’t know if someone did it before but finally I can have a glow driver powered by a LiPo battery. It is about time someone did it!!!!

Now, I want one… I just can’t wait!

Key Features

  • LiPo powered, providing higher power output versus NiMH glow drivers
  • Switching power transfer (low heat dissapation)
  • LED indicator light allows users to detect if the glow plug is good or not
  • Includes a 1S 1200mAh Li-Po battery and charger
  • Fits all glow plugs
  • High-technology regulator, output voltage is 1.5V
  • 2.5mm DC Jack, Center pin positive charge hole

The street price is only 26.99$us it comes with a wall charger. You can find this sweet glow driver at Horizon Hobby

Congrats to Dynamite!!!

Thanks for sharing...

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