Neo11 is over, I can now go back to my normal life!

Neo11 is over, I can now go back to my normal life! My Words

This weekend was the Neo11 race held at Harper Adams in the United Kingdom. This was the fifth edition of the now became famous Neo race organized by NeoBuggy and broadcasted live by I don’t want this post to feel like an ad for them but all I can say is WOW! The race was held in UK and the time zone was perfect for me to watch the race live in the morning. From Friday morning to Monday morning I was hooked to my computer watching all the races.


The race track was perfect and 225 drivers from all around the world were there trying to win the Neo11 title. Popular names like Maifield, Drake, Tebo, King, Hara, Tessman were there. Here in North America, we don’t have the chance to see oversea racers in action but this weekend was the best time to watch racers like Neil Cragg, Jérome Aigoin, Darren Bloomfield and Robert Batlle. The Neo11 race was the place to see them all in action. Shin Adachi is a racer that really impressed me. He is from Japan and he was extremely fast and did very well all the weekend to make the final.

From a computer, watching a race that is held on the other side of earth may sound a little bit weird but Scotty Ernst from was amazing. His commentaries and enthusiasm to describe the action have made me feel like I was there. Especially during the semis when Drake has battled hard for a place for the final after a flame out in the first lap, this was awesome. Jared Tebo TQ’ed and won the Neo11 race for a third time. From lap one to the end of the race, Tebo showed his driving capabilities with a perfect race. He was consistent, smooth and fast. Robert Batlle finished second and Ryan Cavalieri third.Do you know a guy named Martin Mcllwaine from UK? He is the guy who finished last but I’m sure he had a blast at Neo and enjoyed his experience!

To conclude, I enjoyed every minutes spent watching the Neo11 on LiveRC. Great event, great broadcasting, I can’t ask for anything more. The track held well all weekend and competion was hot. No long delay between races, everything was perfect. Now, all I have to do is to install my new engine in my buggy and I’ll be ready for Neo12. will soon release a Neo11 DVD that will be packed with all the action of the weekend and with interviews. Meanwhile, I invite you to visit and for more information about the Neo11.

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