My Words – Team Associated SC18 Short Course Truck

My Words - Team Associated SC18 Short Course Truck My Words
Photo found on different forums
The Team Associated SC18 RTR Short Course Truck
My Words - Team Associated SC18 Short Course Truck My Words

Photo found on different forums
This time, Team Associated took us by surprise by publishing an ad in different media announcing a new 1/18th scale short course truck, the SC18. No official press release, no announcement on their web site. In fact, the SC18 doesn’t appear anywhere.
At first, we all thought it was a RC18 topped with a SC truck body but this is not the case. The A-Team has made new upgrades to their popular 1/18 platform. The SC18 is 4wd but instead of using a driveshaft, like we find into the RC18 platform, it uses a two belt-driven sealed drivetrain. The belts eliminate the torque-twist effect on hard accelerations with high-performance motors. The Super 370 motor has a new mounting location to accommodate the new drivetrain. Another important upgrade is the presence of new and stronger servo saver.

And as for all others short course trucks from Team Associated, the A-Team has added scale-looking tires, AMT Style wheels, bumpers (including mud flaps) and body.

The Team Associated SC18 RTR comes with XP2 radio, battery pack for the truck and an overnight charger.

I have no idea for the street price but I assume it will be the same price as the RC18 truck series, around 170$us.

Stay tuned to for a full review of the Team Associated SC18 in a near future.


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    Wow glad you guys liked my pictures 🙂 I posted those on Rc Tech.

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    i want this

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    Ordered two SC18’s from my LHS as soon as I saw the add. Can’t wait to get them. Wanted to caution those ordering one though. I have seen several websites offering truck less battery and charger for around $179. My local shop contacted Associated directly and my trucks are coming with battery and charger for $199, so make sure you know exactly what your getting when you pre-order. I ordered an extra battery for each and it alone was more than the $20 difference in package with and without charger and battery, so that $179 price ain’t so nice if your not getting a battery and charger with the truck. Note that the advertisement states battery and charger are included, so I don’t know if the sites I saw are removing them or what, but they clearly stated that these were not included. Could be they will be with truck anyway, as information about release date and other info has been slow to come. Just wanted to warn everyone to make sure they know what they’re getting when they order. Kudos to MyRCBox for this forum and the service they provide !

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