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The buzz around the TLR 22

The buzz around the TLR 22 My Words

In case you were on another planet, Team Losi Racing has just announced the release of a new 2wd 1/10th buggy expected to hit the shelves for February 2011. As soon as the TLR 22 has been announced, a big buzz around the new buggy has started all over RC web sites and forums. No one saw this one coming from Losi and many racers has already pre-ordered the Twenty-Two to replace their old Losi XXX-CR.

The TLR 22 is more than an updated XXX-CR buggy. It is totally new and packed of nice features such a 2.5mm hard anodized aluminum chassis, mid or rear motor mount positions, longer wheelbase and a new steering rack. Don’t be surprised to see a new electric stadium truck based on the TLR 22 coming soon from Team Losi Racing.

Behind the release of the new TLR 22, there is something else. It looks like Team Losi has decided to move their entire racing products to a higher level of marketing, support and design. In fact, all race products are now on a new web site www.tlracing.com. They are now completely separated from all others Ready-to-Run vehicles.

Recently, we have read that Horizon Hobby was no more distributing Team Associated’s products.

I don’t have a crystal ball but It looks like Team Losi has decided to play big for the next year and wants to increase their part of the market with a new marketing strategy more focused on their high performance vehicles and accessories.

Will this be the reborn of the Losi and Associated rivalry? 🙂

What are your thoughts on the new TLR 22?

For more information about the new Team Losi Racing 22, visit www.tlracing.com

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