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Team Associated has recently announced two new 2wd buggies. The B6 which is designed for high traction surfaces like turf, carpet or clay. The B6D is designed for more conventional dirt track surfaces. Both buggies have a lot of parts in common, however, the B6 is the only one to come with the new 3-gear laydown Stealth transmission and a gear diff.

Team Associated took the time to design two different buggies for two different race track surfaces. It would have been a bad idea to design a buggy for high traction surfaces and think that the same buggy could do well on looser surfaces.  The B6 and the B6D are offered as kits and both are labeled as “Team Kit”. It seems that Team Associated has dropped the rear motor design because the B6 and the B6D are mid-motor buggies.

The Team Associated B6 and B6D are not just a “relabeled” B5M with minor updates. The new buggies have many new and very interesting features. In the next paragraphs we will take all these new features one by one and we will explain how they improve the B6.

3-gear laydown Stealth transmission (B6 only):
The new 3-gear laydown Stealth transmission reduces the CG of the buggy which increases corner speed and reduces body roll. A larger idler gear is also used in the new tranny. According to Team Associated, the new transmission should reduce the “polar moment” that could be best described as the rotational effect caused by the motor and the transmission.

Team Associated B6/B6D - What’s new My Words
Team Associated B6 laydown transmission


Standup 3-gear transmission (B6D only):
The B6D comes with a 3-gear transmission pretty much similar to the transmission found in the B5M. With this “new standard” transmission, the B6D is the version with the motor mounted the closest. The B6D is the version with the most rear traction.

Team Associated B6/B6D - What’s new My Words
Team Associated B6D transmission


Gear diff (B6 only):
On high traction surfaces, a gear diff increases corner speed and forward traction. The downside of gear diffs is they use fluid to adjust their resistance and need to be disassembled to change fluid weight. Gear diff is not something new. Team Associated have them in their RTRs vehicles since the B4/T4 series and they were already used by many racers.

Team Associated B6/B6D - What’s new My Words
Team Associated B6 gear diff


Ball diff (B6D only):
The B6D still uses a ball diff. At the opposite of the gear diff, tuning a ball diff is simpler and only requires a hex driver and no disassembling. Ball diffs require a little more maintenance and are better for surfaces with less traction. Once again, using a ball or a gear diff is a matter of preference.


Front arms and shock towers (B6 only):
Gull-wing front arms are known to be better for high traction surfaces and increase on-power steering. The new front and rear shock towers are wider and thicker. They are now made of carbon fiber for extra resistance. Something new for Associated is that the rear shocks can be mounted on the front or on the rear of the rear shock tower for extra tuning options.

Team Associated B6/B6D - What’s new My Words
Team Associated B6 front arm


Front arms and shock tower (B6D only):
The B6D front shock tower is different from the one on the B6. The B6D front shock tower is slightly narrower. The front arms are flat compared to the gull-wing style of the B6. The flat arms perform better when exiting corners with slightly more responsive steering.

Team Associated B6/B6D - What’s new My Words
Team Associated B6D front arm


The chassis (B6 & B6D):
Who says new buggy also says new chassis. As expected, the new B6 chassis is made of hard anodized aluminum with many milled sections to reduce weight. A new and cool feature are the optional thin plates that can be used to fine tune weight distribution. The new battery box and the new battery strap add rigidity to the chassis and allow weight bias tuning. The new chassis design adds more room for the steering servo, speed controller and receiver.

Team Associated B6/B6D - What’s new My Words
Team Associated B6 chassis


Steering (B6 & B6D):
The new B6 and B6D now use a reversed bell-crank steering rack design. This new design is more compact which helps to increase room for electronics. I can’t wait to see by myself if and how this new steering rack design will change steering feeling.The A-plate has also been repositioned to provide more front end clearance. The steering blocks have also been updated with bolt-on Ackermann plates.

Team Associated B6/B6D - What’s new My Words
Team Associated B6 & B6D bell crank


Suspension (B6 & B6D):
Team Associated added a little blue anodized aluminum with a new C-plate for more durability. This was an option part on the previous generation. Racers will be happy to know that new updated ball cups also made their apparition. The previous ball cups were a little too tight and needed a little work and break-in time to move freely. The kit comes with new turnbuckles, we don’t have more information about the new turnbuckles but at first glance they seem to be titanium. This should be confirmed by AE  soon.

Team Associated B6/B6D - What’s new My Words
Team Associated B6 front suspension

On each corner, the B6 and B6D are equipped with V2 12mm “Big Bore” threaded aluminum shocks, 3mm TiN coated shafts and Associated x-rings. On the shock towers, Associated included FT aluminum bushings to mount the shocks.

All four a-arms now have sway bar links attachments. However, the sway bars are not included with the kits. Sway bars reduce body roll on high traction surfaces.


Drive train (B6 & B6D):
In the press release, Team Associated said that the B6 and B6D come with Factory Team upgraded ball bearings. At this moment, we are not sure what those “upgraded” bearings are. More information should be available soon.

The blue anodized front axle are something new and the kits now come with 7mm rear clamping hexes which were optional parts with the previous generation.

Team Associated B6/B6D - What’s new My Words
Team Associated B6 and B6D front axle and rear hexes


There is no doubt that the Team Associated B6 and B6D will know a lot of success. Team Associated added extra value to their kits by adding parts that were only available as options in the previous generation.

Stay tuned to for more information.

If you wish to talk about Team Associated products, we invite you to visit, a community dedicated to Team Associated.

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