Who is my favourite racer? Maifield, Tessman or Drake?

Who is my favourite racer? Maifield, Tessman or Drake? My Words

The other day someone asked me who my favorite racer was. Instinctively, I answered Ryan Maifield but on my way back home, I rethought about my answer and I realized that my preferred racer was in fact, a mix between three racers, Maifield, Tessman and Drake. Why these three guys?


Who is my favourite racer? Maifield, Tessman or Drake? My Words

Ryan Maifield: I like Maifield because first, he drives for Team Associated and second because he always drives on the edge. It is impossible for me to stay calm and relax when I watch him driving. I wish I have 10% of his talent! His driving has smoothed out since he runs the upgraded RC8B but no matter what he drives, I can’t stop thinking that he will crash so much he pushes his buggy or truck to the limit. It is also very interesting to listen to him in interviews, he always has something interesting to say.


Who is my favourite racer? Maifield, Tessman or Drake? My Words

Ty Tessman: Even if I’m still not sure if I should put one “N” or two at the end of his last name, he is one of my favourite racers. He is the best Canadian offroad racer, he is young and he keeps on getting better and better at every race. He is very consistent at each races and since he did the A Main at the 2008 IFMAR Worlds, he seems to have learned a lot and he is now regularly in the A-mains. Ty uses Pro-Line tires and bodies, like I do. I predict a great future for him!


Who is my favourite racer? Maifield, Tessman or Drake? My Words

Adam Drake: In terms of R/C, I have absolutely nothing in common with The Drake. He runs Losi cars, I prefer AE. He runs Novarossi engines, I don’t. He uses Losi tires and I prefer Pro-Line. He has a Spektrum radio, I prefer Futaba. His fuel? Nitrotane… Guess what? I prefer SideWinder or Byron. It seems that his sponsors can’t influence me LOL. I don’t care regarding what he or I like or what we have in common in term of R/C because even his wife Ronda (which is a pro RC racer too) have nothing in common with him (in term of R/C brands of course). Drake is one of my favourite racers because he did a lot for R/C and he represents what a R/C racer should be. He races for many years, he has a lot of R/C experience. He always has something interesting to say in interviews.

Ryan Cavalieri and Dakotah Phend are also among my favourite racers.


Use the comment box below and tell me who is your favourite racer and why?


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