2010 RC Pro Canadian Nationals – Final Results

Sunday September 19th, the final day of the 2010 RC Pro Canada Nationals held at Action Hobbies in Kingsville Ontario went off without a hitch.  Kudos to the gang at Action Hobbies – the race directors and track maintenance crew were awesome – good job guys!  The morning started off fairly cool and constant checks on the forecast made for an interesting morning.  But eventually it turned out to be a perfect day – not a drop of rain.  In order to get things done quickly due to the forecast, early decisions were made by the directors to have full 12 + 2 bump up mains for the Expert classes.  This made for a heavy packed and somewhat hairy mains.

Around midday, prior to the final A mains, the track was showing signs of a nice blue grooved turns.  But this also brought on some very worn tires coming off the track in to the tech area.  But all in all – pretty exciting racing.

Special thanks also goes out to the RC Pro Canada National Director, Gary Fliegel.  Without Gary’s hard work and determination from him and all the other division directors the RC Pro Canada series would not be what they are today – a truly “National” association.

2010 RC Pro Canadian Nationals – Final Results RC News

Buggy Expert
1) Wayne Mah (82/45:149.391)
2) Abye Birku (TQ) (82/45:28.023)
3) Gareth Houben (81/45:22.639)


2010 RC Pro Canadian Nationals – Final Results RC News

Truggy Expert
1) Wayne Mah (84/45:05.788)
2) André-Francois Blanchette (82/45.24.551)
3) JB Catricala (81/45:28.051)
TQ) Gareth Houben

2010 RC Pro Canadian Nationals – Final Results RC News

Electric Buggy
1) Steve Bortolotti (TQ) (19/10:03.475)
2) Abye Birku (19/10:04.196)
3) Tom Wright (18/10:03.236)

Read all the results here

A special thanks to Dan LeBlanc who has sent us all these pictures and race reports during this incredible weekend.

Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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