LRP ZR.21X Spec.2 Engine

Destined to be the 1:8 Offroad race engine of choice, the brand new ZR.21X Spec 2 engine’s refined and upgraded features include the new XTEC thermal-protected Works Team 14SV-2 carburetor made from a rigid aluminum alloy (ERGAL), with changeable 6.0mm and 7.0mm Venturi inserts for smoother, more tunable performance. For significantly better heat dissipation, the Spec.2’s blue cooling fins have been angled upward.


  • Race-Competition 1:8 Buggy and Truggy engine.
  • LRP XTEC thermal protected Works Team Carburetor 14SV-2 with 6.0mm and 7.0mm changeable Venturi inserts.
  • Carburetor made from ERGAL (Extra Refined Grain Aluminum) for smoother function.
  • Improved cooling and higher efficiency.
  • LRP Cool Down cylinder-head Spec.2 with special cutouts for additional weight reduction.
  • XTEC competition crankcase.
  • Rear exhaust.
  • 7+1 Ports.

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